“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


when things get hot, the hot go shopping

we are now at 32 days in a row of serious hotness, of temperatures over 100.  today may be 33, but even if it's not, it will just be a bit of white noise in the machine of summer; next week the forecast is blistering - 103, 104, 105, 106.  the rain we get feels like tiny pieces of heaven on our skin, and we get out in it, my sweeties, and then, poof!  it is gone in less than 30 minutes, and that only happens . . . well, once, yesterday, and our driveway was dry again in seconds.   i am grateful for the 10 minute babyshowers that have shown up on a couple of evenings and have stopped keeping an umbrella in the jeep, a first, a fist i shake at the heavens, a temptation i think those gods up there cannot resist, but they do.  eating lunch outside requires a fan, or two or three, but really, it is not enough when the blessing of air conditioning is just through the door.  the heat of this laptop as i type away is enough to bring on a sweat.  when i use the washer and dryer, steam rises in the house . . .  okay, not really, but it may as well, the hot dampness settles on my skin just the same.  it has been august all summer, and august is not yet here. 

and yet.  it is not bad.  i am headed out today and will buy cherries, and an apple cinnamon cake already made, maybe a key lime cupcake.  i will load up on salsa, chips, avocadoes, lemons, topo chico and ice ice, baby.  i don't cook anyway and the heat is another excuse for finger foods eaten in front of the television.  pickled okra, sharp cheddar, sharper olives, crackers. 

i will spend time oohing & ahhhing over fingernail polish, choosing another color for another hot month.  i will smell lotions, buy this, put off a haircut yet again and just pile my hair on my head or pull it back into a ponytail.  i will browse the aisles everywhere i go.  i will be wearing a skirt.  i will buy another book; the kindle seems wrong and awkward for summer and i am once again seduced by real paper bound together by words, by bookcovers with raised letters and exotic images, by the peace i find in bookstores.  it is too hot to shop for clothes, too hot to even think of clothes, but shoes will call my name and i may listen.  bracelets and anklets will wink at me as i pass by, sensing my weakness.  i will listen.

i will watch baseball on tv
and old movies.

almost august.
i may take pictures.
maybe tomorrow.



  1. Take pictures of the steam raising from the pavement and I can imagine. On the other side we are thankful for 80 degrees today. We will sit in the shade sipping tea and eating bonbons. I will picture you shopping and eating your finger food as you watch the baseball on tv and paint your toes a new and gorgeous color. Keep cool!

  2. i think your hot days sound amazing....nail polish, shoes, a cinnamon cake....much better then how i feel in the winter when it's snowy and cold :)

  3. ah yes ...skirts are a staple ..july like august uniform of sorts..love your description of the books..stay cool I say as I polish off another fudgecicle

  4. i will be wearing a skirt... yes, skirts are the best, the only way to go when it's hot. you did make the heat sound beautiful, although I'm sure that living in it is not much fun.
    i want to spend an entire weekend weekend being too hot and doing nothing but reading. one of these days...

  5. For me, theaters are a haven from the heat. When we have any heat in the Seattle area, that is......

  6. I'm with Meri....we haven't really seen much of summer yet on the island either. But, I am totally ok with that. I shut down in the heat. I get lazy beyond words. I get grumpy. This is why I moved from my semi desert hometown to the cooler climate of the west coast and never looked back. The only thing I miss are the thunderstorms...are you getting some good lightning action where you are?
    Been thinking so much about you over the past month as I have been watching stories of this crazy heat wave stretch across most of North America...been wondering how you've been keeping (and keeping cool!). I must read on......


  7. Sitting inside in the air conditioning watching old movies and reading a book with pages you can actually flip? Sounds like a good way to spend a heat wave, especially if there is a Cary Grant movie involved. ;)

  8. And you have me grinning again with your tease, your dare to the heavens - I don't have an umbreeellaaaa! Beats stepping on spiders which is a cruel thing to do, anyway. With all the yummy food you've bought, though, you could paint your toenails, put on a skirt and a clinking anklet, invite friends over and have rain dance!


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