“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


it only looks like rain

this morning begins with no shadows,
no birdsong.
hidden squirrels,
gray skies,
a still sleeping cat,
it looks like rain may come,
but looks are not to be trusted,
and the tv weatherman throws in a percentage of probably not. 
it will be 100 degrees, he says, and will feel like 105,
the humidity already 79%. 
as we say around here,
it is louisiana hot.
it is sultry steamy sweaty and we will feel like not moving much
but we will. 
it is skirt weather,
it is don't go anywhere without a drink in your hand weather. 
ne texas. 

this year we have religion. 
we pray to the rain gods and cloud gods and jesus
and we tell buddha we know it is what it is but what it is needs rain,
and when we pass a handpainted sign tacked to a tree
in the way back of the woods,
a sign painted in red - FAITH - we cross ourselves and say an amen. 
when we turn around to find the sign,
to take a picture,
and it is not there,
we don't question. 

faith, baby



  1. lovely words, just lovely.
    our grasses are still green, but we need rain. supposed to come sunday. i will wait. my bare feet revel in green wet grass.
    in fondest. Tilda

  2. always i love the pictures you draw with your words, that sign, that turning back, the knowledge that the faith was there somewhere even if you can't see it when you turn around.

  3. got my skirt on ... AND an umbrella on my back seat ...
    it is true july faith

  4. And this too will pass! have FAITH

  5. There she is...the Debi I know....always finding hearts.
    Love you xoxo


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