“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


i spy summer

cicadas cicadas cicadas,
one lazy bark from the dog next door,
the air conditioner's hum.
nothing else but the softness of my fingers on these keys.

the sun is no longer pushing hard past the leaves.
the sky has gone pale gray, preparing for bed,
and a breeze is picking up -
the leaves of the hackberry tree wave hello -
hinting at last night's rain from nowhere;
a surprise wind and far off lightning,
and sudden big fat oh my god thank you raindrops
out there in the darkness.
i walked outside,
into it, in it,
baptized by the steam rolling up off the hot street.
i may have said a hallelujah or two.
it was gone in less than an hour.

there are no lights out there now;
the neighbors all gone, the streetlight not working.
the world is a silhouette of black against the now almost dark sky.
a lone cricket,
and suddenly silent cicadas.

night falls.
the cicadas return.
fade to black.



  1. "Baptized by the steam rolling up off the hot street"~~That's the quintessential Texas summer rainstorm experience! Love!

  2. i love that I get this .. the same ac humming (thank god!!) the dim shadows and the ever crazy cicadas ..how could you explain that sound to anyone??!! feeling your post from just down the road ~ xo

  3. love the solitude of this. Beautiful!

  4. I was outside last night calling in the naughty kittens, feeling the heat that was still in the air, fireflies buzzing all about, crickets chirping.
    Still no cicadas :)
    But the flavor you just captured here, that sense of hot summer nights, it was there.
    i can just see you out there, in the rain.

  5. you made the heat of summer feel cool and wonderful while you bathed it with your words !

  6. Your words cause me to feel what you were feeling on the hot night that suddenly broke loose. Your words are magic.


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