“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


. . . and that will bring us back to trust

foolish me.
i was trying to catch a shadow and lost;
it was gone before i refocused the camera.
i should've known,
though in truth i think the knowing would not have stopped me.
a shadow in the hand being worth two in the bush and all that.

the shadow danced away into the mirror you can't see
and was gone,
leaving a waiting empty chair in that painting below.

see how that worked?
i had no idea until i typed those words.
2 posts right in a row with waiting chairs.
that's called trusting your soul, baby.
that's called this is not the image i wanted to post
but something told me i should.

it's not about the chairs, you know,
not about the waiting or the emptiness,
not about just showing pieces of those chairs.
it's about paying attention when you know you know
but you don't know why you know.
it's about trust. 

funny how that worked.
because i've been thinking about places of trust,
thinking it was up to us to find them,
thinking we would know them immediately.
trust at first sight, you know.
i'd forgotten about trusting our hearts and souls
and even our bellies.

that's what this is all about.
i had no idea.



  1. this made me cry again, but that is happening these days. yes, we must listen, to our heart and our souls and our bellies, even when they are just barely whispering secrets. shhh... listen.

  2. People think that writers have to know what we are going to write before we start...

    The secret is that we write to answer our own questions...to understand, to discover, to learn.

    Lovely post.

  3. Life is a journey of learning new things. It sounds like you are learning and growing.

    Your empty chair brought me to memories I hadn't realized, but I love to photograph empty chairs. I hadn't realized that in doing so I am imagining what would fill this chair, what dreams would come true and what I would learn by sitting there. Or would it just be to trust by sitting in the chair that it would hold me and hold my heart and soul?

  4. funny when i trust my heart and my belly at the same time....they usually have different ideas and answers.

  5. Good post, Debi. I like this image, particularly because it goes so perfectly with your words. We don't have to see everything clear as day in photographs. Sometimes it's just a hint or a feeling or a connection that we create with our eyes, mind and heart.

    There are a few vegetable stands on the back roads where "places of trust" have been set up. I imagine that it must be freeing to just let go and have faith that anyone who picks up a bag of tomatoes or cucumbers will be honest even when they think noone is looking.

  6. i used to be a person of trust. i believed in the good. being trustful can scar you. yet i still trust. except for my mothers husbands son, who took MY mothers estate from me. i lost much trust. i lost a lot. he lost more. he lost honesty, integrity, morals, he lost his soul. i merely lost an estate and some trust. but what i miss...is the loss of trust.
    in fondest. Tilda


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