“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


adrift on the surface of summer

i have spent the week with a water hose in my hand,
jiggling lawn sprinklers into just right positions,
but azaleas have died anyway. 
mistime a spot by a day and tomorrow is too late. 
there is a turtle dead,
a dogwood about which i have doubts. 
the heat shimmers over everything; 
it is the 19th day of temperatures over 100,
102 as i begin to type this,
cooler than yesterday. 
the sun sits heavy atop everything,
leaving hotness behind for the moonlight to struggle through;
if we are lucky, the nights fall below 80, but not by much. 
rain is a stranger, a tease.
10 minutes yesterday and the brick streets were dry within another 20.

i am too lazy to watch movies
if it requires anything more than changing the channel,
and the news is spit, static, lies;
the kindle is untouched,
all reading stopped midstream.
i am mesmerized by the heat,
under its enchantment.
cicadas sing me awake each day
and lull me to sleep when the darkness is deep enough.
i float on the surface of this summer,
adrift in the hot winds,
trailing my hand in the would-be waters,
eyes closed against the glare,
and i dream of rain with no umbrellas in sight.



  1. Oh dear I do hope summer cools down some. I couldn't bear it. But then here in Oregon we rarely even need the ac. I would sit with closed eyes and wait. Your words definitely describe what it is like and I think I won't be visiting soon.

  2. Marilyn - LOL! I would definitely discourage anyone who isn't used to this kind of heat to wait it out. I mean, we're hot, and we are used to it - just not this much this early for so long. :)

  3. Your writing as ever is even worth the heat... I mean icomingmoff your fingers it is poetic, dangerous, enigmatic. Fram any others' it is just damned hot. like the weatherman for instance: "Today is another scorcher in Texas"

    In your hands it is alive, palpable, harsh and yet a ghostly vapor.
    xo my writing muse

  4. Shoot.... I'm typing on an iPad and I thought nothing could be as bad as an iPhone for typos and spelling but I guess I have a new nemisis.

  5. lol! miss tweets - it is just damned hot! but oh my! in so many ways. we are breaking heat records all over the calendar - it is a hot that deserves some respect and more than a few adjectives. :)


  6. The heat you describe seems thick enough to chew! I love your writing and your way of making me feel the heat along with you. As we say in Maine about anything really extreme (whether good or bad), "That's wicked pissah!"

    Hope the rains come soon. xo

  7. gigi - i love that! it is wicked pissah! :)

  8. Ooof! I'll have to stop complaining when it's 99 here (at least it's under 100). Do you have an air conditioner at least in the bedroom for comfortable sleep?

  9. love what gigi called it...teehee.. you know I am right there with you friend ... nurse along the dogwood , mine is in the frontyard..

    and keep your smile handy for the days when our northern neighbors are in how many feet of snow?? ;-)

  10. ouch. even as it have been 90 here the past few days, i still cannot imagine. this brought tears to my eyes this morning, to mix in with those that were already there. beautiful writing.

  11. You write about the crazy heat so beautifully. The heat and humidity here are making me grumpy and miserable.

  12. Ohhhh, I love this post. It's not carefree or happy but describes the feeling of living in this HEAT perfectly.

  13. ... when the darkness is deep enough ...
    I remember summer now. Thanks for the refresher :)


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