“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan



i am standing still on this thursday june night.
it is 2011 and it is halfway gone
and i am standing still.
i am gathering this long weekend into my arms and.
and nothing.

my mother's calendar ends in july.  
a punctuation mark. 
it was as far into the future as she'd gotten. 
i see less far than she did,
plan less, save less,
and i feel my way less cautiously
but i know the general direction,
can sense my way by the smell of fresh air;
i leave some windows open.



  1. Sounds as though you aren't governing your life by days or weeks but by moments. As every life should be.

    I stopped too. No watches anymore. For six months I've worn no watch.

    I simply do not care what time it is. Time is only as powerful as you let it be.


  2. Such lovely words and feelings ... I could practice slowing my pace down more in the frenetic time we live!

  3. I like that way of thinking...a little less cautious, a little less planning...and a little more enjoying! :)

  4. yes, for escape, to let birds and breezes in, for listening to crickets and cicadas.

    enjoy your long weekend, stopping and relaxing and braking for whatever strikes your fancy.

  5. I hate planning anything that I don't have too. I love the freedom I have of being able to get up on any given day and decide what I want to d that day. Enjoy your weekend.

  6. always leave some windows open....for our dreams and thoughts that's the best thing we can do :)

  7. The thought of your mother's calendar ending in July just grabbed me. There is something so real and so present in that, actually ephemeral, idea. I am thinking of you, sweet friend. And of your mother.

  8. we plan. we mark calendars. we give thought to days, and sometimes i don't look at the calendar for weeks. sometimes the month needs to be changed and i didn't notice. i fear this is not a good thing, but your reflection on it makes total sense. i feel your healing in your writing. as always, it brightens my day.
    in fondest of thought, Tilda

  9. And open windows always bring new adventures. Keep smelling the fresh air.

  10. i am linking arms with you on this one .. its a funny feeling .. a punctuation mark

  11. the open windows with fresh air - that's an important thing.

  12. This is a stunning piece of mindfulness and poetry - love being there, with you, in that moment of peace. Sometimes we catch ourselves up, scooped in our own embrace and it feels quite quite perfect.
    Why do we drop ourselves?!!


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