“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


i walk less carefully than i once did

i welcomed the new year in bare feet
not knowing the path that lay ahead.
i hated the thorns and pebbles and broken pieces of glass.
i hated the cold on my toes.
i hated the aloneness of that path.

i think now those bare feet saved me.
i learned pebbles only hurt, not kill.
broken glass only cuts;
the bleeding eventually stops.
i learned that cold toes welcome the sun with all their hearts.
i learned that all paths are walked alone even if someone is holding your hand.

i am not the same woman i was then.
i walk less carefully than i once did.
i've learned it doesn't matter.
i care more and i care less.
i love more.

my feet today are still bare;
one foot has toenails painted blue,
the other the same old pink.
the big decisions are behind me now
and i have learned to slow down.
i will choose the color later.



  1. Oh, so nice, Debi!! So real & true, & I am glad for you in the realizing of these great gifts, though the road has been challenging.
    Hands to my heart to you.

  2. this. is. beautiful. <3 i cried a bit, it's so lovely.

  3. Very nicely put ... love the photo. Life is always more interesting when we throw caution aside, if sometimes only briefly!

  4. love these words. actually i always love your words. and i love the blue polish, too....more so because it's only on one foot :)

  5. such a path your on .. i care more i care less ..that is so simple but so true and i consider it a gift .

    love the reflection .. i say blue~

  6. or don't choose, and wear both colors.
    what is it they say, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger."? you have made it through this gauntlet stronger AND loving more. that is something good.

  7. "i learned that cold toes welcome the sun with all their hearts." I love this word picture, friend. I've felt that physically and emotionally, too!

  8. So beautifully put and I love that you're wearing two different colored nail polishes. Bet you rock them too.

  9. Hello, my friend. I haven't been around the blog block in ages what with the end of the school year craziness. I wanted to stop by and tell you how much I've missed you two and this inspiring place you have created here. It's good to be back. You know, I have lately been piled up reading my backlog of Sommerset magazines. I love finding you all over the place.

  10. This is good, real good :-)

  11. ..bare feet cures most all ailments.
    and our paths are often walked alone.
    i love the 'i care more and i care less.'
    you have come so far on your path.
    in fondest regard, Tilda

  12. "I am not the same woman I was then."
    I love this line and I hope we all all are not the same women we once were, because if we are the same we are not growing. Thanks for being you and growing.

  13. The supplemented image to your poem is lovely!


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