“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


i brake for pretty

and i brake for homegrown okra.
i brake for old blue buildings
and turtles in the road
and incoming text messages.

i brake for funeral processions
and indecisive squirrels
and icees and snow cones,
and today i almost braked for a speckled longhorn,
but he was too close to the fence and it was too hot
and the grass on the side of the road was way too high
and my boots were at home,
and well, like i said, i almost braked.

i've braked for trees i swore were bears,
and tyler roses, $2.50 a dozen,
christmas lawns lit by fairy lights
and houses for sale i could in no way afford.

i brake for lakes,
and little league baseball games where i know not a soul,
and for trick-or-treaters
and just missed exits,
for hills covered in bluebonnets
and for full moons blocking the road i am driving.

i brake for used bookstores
and mamas with strollers
and mcdonald's drive-thrus when i need a coke.

but sometimes i brake just for moments of silence;
 i brake to savor the shade,
to sit and not think or to read and not write,
or to wait out the rain, watch the clouds fly by,
watch the sun fall behind the trees,
or watch nothing at all and just breathe.

sometimes i don't and i always wish i did.



  1. I love that you write about things that I do, too, so often. You just write about it such a lovely way that makes me stop and say, "Yeah....I do that, too!"

  2. steph - thank you for that.

    and i'm SO glad i'm not the only one who sees trees that look like bears! :)

  3. you are the best. and now, because i am in a silly mood and have been listening to dylan, i am singing... "and she brakes just like a little girl..."

  4. that is hilarious, and now i'm singing it! but i don't. i brake like a full grown woman with a 4 wheel drive.


  5. Years ago I had an old VW with bad brakes. The only way to stop was to stick my left leg out the door and scrape my shoe on the pavement. Took forever and didn't do my shoes any good either. And if you don't think that's a true story, you don't know me.

  6. So refreshing, and a delightful piece of art, as that is the way I see your writings.
    Thanks for the cookie :)

  7. donald - my boyfriend once had an old plane with the same problem, and you can't make this stuff up. i believe you! lol!

  8. dixie - thanks for the kind words. as always. and you're welcome for the cookie. xoxo

  9. What a great poem, and it is poetry. I should brake more often. Funny how the word Brake, is much like the word break. I should break more often too.

    thanks for the reminder.

    Good to see you yesterday, sorry we didn't get to visit more. I was dog tired, and took off around 3:00.

    Margo aka Robolady


  10. I love this post, beautifully written.

  11. One more like this and you will become my all time favorite writer...if you aren't already! Love this...just love it. It's...it's sheer poetry! Great stuff, Debi...if you write them, we will read!! Blessings,

  12. ..thoughtful, very thoughtful writing..as always.
    i often see things others don't have time to see. but you 'see' much more than me. and your writing shares it all with us. we are blessed.
    in fondest of thoughts. Tilda

  13. Such a fun lyrical post .... so good to brake for the special moments!

  14. i stumbled in... and find myself enjoying your words and images!

  15. I LOVE this! I don't brake enough!!!!!!Thanks for the reminder.

  16. i gather all of your screeching brakes into my heart nodding my head yes about so many .. actually all of them!!

    love to you ..with my foot on the brake!!

  17. I love that you brake for special things like moments of silence. I wanted to brake for wild flowers this weekend, they were glorious, but I wasn't driving - so the braking didn't happen. I need to go in search of more, as they are beautiful this year.

  18. i so LOVE this post and you.

    word verification - space
    i brake to give myself space

  19. This might be my favorite post of yours - ever. I love this! You notice things. You LIVE. You know how to savor. I love it.

    Yesterday on our way to the pool there was a turtle in the road trying to get across. Like we always do, Jeffrey stopped and Sloane and I jumped out to save him from possible flattening. Let me tell you - I have NEVER seen a turtle move so fast. He got sight of us coming his way and scuttled all the way to the edge of the road - from the middle - before we got there. He was hilarious. I love turtles.


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