“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


from this angle my house looks fairly clean

but there are 4 pairs of flipflops under the chair
and a pair next to the couch,
blue shoes, gray sweaters, a black umbrella,
empty vases,
unopened mail,
floors unswept and unvacuumed.
borrowed gloves,
stacks of books,
vitamins and bottled water.
big ikea tealights, a 24 pack sealed in plastic,
a 12 pack of cokes still kitchen bound.
paper towels ditto - an 8 pack of those.

there is an igloo cooler waiting for the weekend,
and calendar pages saved for their quotes,
a turquoise legal pad scrawled with black ink,
wind-up toys.
bluebirds flying across unwritten thank you notes.

all that's without turning around to see what's behind me.
i could show you
but then it would be here too.


small painting of pigtailed girl by miz katie;
larger painting of bird on the hand also miz katie.


  1. larger painting of bird on the hand also miz katie.

    My poor old eyes first saw miz katies bird as a .45 Auto Pistol!

    I guess that says where my head is at....


    Mark Glover

  2. in your defense, i do have it softened all up. :)

  3. and omg - all softened up, it does look like a gun. oh my! sorry, katie!!


  4. kath - walmart. 3 for less than 4 bucks. kinda blue/turquoise.


  5. Ah! :-D The truth! I love this!!! But we should all continue to post those perfect shots. Co, you know, why the hoobity not?? `;-)

  6. How very like you to see only the loveliness, and to make beauty, even of a slight mess. You have those gifts, you know. Gifts for beauty and noticing the important things.

  7. lol..gun - bird..it's all the same.

    i'm thrilled to see my artwork in your lovely house, debi. i LOVE knowing it's going to live among all your flip flops and unopened mail. :) Sounds like the perfect home. xoxo

  8. 1st of all I have to say I also thought it was a gun, Woops. Just thought you had a dark humor LOL. I do not know why we think everyone's home is perfictly clean all the time. I LOVE this post and I would feel very much at home in yours! Have a great day.

  9. sounds exactly like my house just now except that I'm not sure I could find a clean enough spot for even one photo.

    the painting of miz katie's with the bird on her hand is one of my favorites.

    but, hey, it's summer, flips flops belong all over the house!

  10. Oh lord, you wouldn't want to look around MY hovel. Except for that pretty cat of mine, this place is a genuine mess! I tried turning around, and yes, it's still a mess.

  11. We only show what we want to show...LOL The rest of the view is a secret.

  12. What a treasure to have two paintings by miz katie. I can't see the mess, so it must not be so. That's why I don't look at my floors and under things and around things. I just hold my head up high and look only where it makes my heart sing and your picture makes my heart sing.

  13. I too want turquoise legal pads(hope Walmart Canada carries them), if only to add one more thing to the stuff currently collecting on the floor and all flat surfaces of my own home. :) What a wonderful post, Debi, you have such a talent with words and photos.

  14. If my flip flops were not on the floor in front of my dresser or under the coffee table I don't know that I'd ever be able to find them. Shoe rack? What's that even for? I seldom use it. ;)


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