“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


evening morning stillness flight

we take it in and it becomes a part of us.
it's how we get to who we are.

it was a cold lake yesterday
and i must have said oh god a thousand times
while easing myself into the water.
this morning a wounded butterfly in the house
leaves traces of flight stumbled across the bedroom floor,
and its wings are the color of this lake at daylight's end.
did i bring this color home last night,
moments of the evening caught in my hair?

without a doubt, without a doubt.

the color of a summer evening
is a butterfly's last dance.

we take it in and it becomes a part of us.



  1. "did i bring this color home last night,
    moments of the evening caught in my hair?"

    i don't like poetry, as a rule, but man, i like the way you write. and if it's called poetry, well...


  2. Cindy - I have never thought of myself as a poet. I just tells the truth.

    DD - I struggle with leaving the sad parts out; I really try - I am sure there are those who would disagree - LOL! - but life is full of beginnings & endings, and well, it all becomes a part of me and I just let it. :) Whatcha gonna do?

    Thank you both.

  3. This is why I love to blog WITH you, because it is a conversation, an intimate interaction. Yes, i get it; "we take it in and it becomes part of us." for me the other half is in as often in play as that one; "we put it out and it becomes part of the world." which is also how we get to who we are I think.

  4. oh my. that just brought tears to my eyes, that leaving traces of flight, that color, those moments caught in your hair. it's life as poetry, ends and beginnings and beauty and sadness, all there.

  5. you know i have been teary eyed all night so i might as well as I take in this golden water .. and butterfly ...ps dont leave the sad parts out

    good night from down the road :)

  6. I've got goosebumps. What a beautiful piece of writing! I'm a bit wordless after reading it - always a good sign!


  7. robin - yes. that's how it works for me. i seem to have so few filters to keep things out. a good thing, a bad thing. :)

    kelly - it's all a part of life, isn't it? one big jumbled anxious beautiful mess. xoxo

    elaine - i have emailed you. and i don't think i can keep the sad parts out. they exist in life. i see them. i take them in. xoxo

    megg - i got goosebumps when you said you did. :) the gift of the butterfly.

    Dixie - once again, thank you so much. xoxo

  8. I cannot tell you how much I love this, & you! To me, yes, we all take in all of the moments, they merge & meld, the sublime with the tedious with the tragic. We become formed by the moments, and we have the choice of forming our response. Then we become whirling holographs, interacting. It is all so beautiful!

  9. Debi, this is wonderful. "did i bring this color home last night,
    moments of the evening caught in my hair..." made me catch my breath, literally!

  10. Oh yes, how true. And how beautiful it is.

  11. yet again, the words that make images in my mind. how utterly beautiful to bring it home, the colors. simply beautiful...as always.
    in fond regard, Tilda

  12. i love the idea of colours caught in your hair...


  13. I have always thought of you as a poet. Your words paint a picture, one I can see in my heart.

  14. ah this line
    "the color of a summer evening
    is a butterfly's last dance."
    sad yet beautiful.


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