“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan



baby snowflakes in the air all day.
windows sweating and frosting and freezing and melting.

this morning, colder, but sunshine instead of snow or sleet, and my front door is impossibly difficult to open. i awoke in warm absolute quiet, the quiet of new fallen snow, but instead it was the quiet of no electricity, no refrigerator hum, no outside sounds, and i stepped outside that hard to open door to check the meter, knowing i had paid my electricity bill, but second guessing myself.  it was 16 degrees, wind chill of 1, and not too bad if only for a minute and no wind.  i stepped back inside and the power beeped on, and there was chicago and snowsnowsnow on tv, and that moment outside felt even less cold. 

my inner artist awoke a bit yesterday.  not in absolute quiet, but in the warmth of a quick conversation, the realization that there are some people who get her, and i suppose it shouldn't matter, but it does, sometimes it's needed, and that's just the way it is. she was up and yawning and feeling well rested and feeling inspired, and feeling pretty good, stretching her artist arms and ready to climb out of that january bed in which she's been nestled. 

perhaps that bed has a place in the january room.



  1. I love that your inner artist is awakening. I also just read your post on who you are and enjoyed learning more about you. Keep warm and move forward with glee.

  2. those fleeting moments of baby snowflakes & inner artist bring warmth today

  3. yes, yes, one eye peeking out from beneath those covers, the ones sprinkled with a tiny bit of fairy dust...

  4. So glad your inner artist woke a bit yesterday...enjoy her. Oh yes, many friends of mine in Chicago have woken to a very white world (and doors that won't open.). Be well. xo

  5. I get her -- and welcome her reappearance in your life after a snooze. Does she like cold weather? Does it invigorate her?

  6. oh, yes... rise and shine...



  7. 'tis a glorious thing to be inspired by january's nest, the bed.

    you know i get her, too.


  8. ahhhhh, there she is.
    here is to a sleepy eyed artist and doors that are hard to open, and quiet.a peaceful hush that lets the muse run wild...

  9. I think the most recent 12" of snow buried my inner artist. I'll see her again in June.

  10. My inner artist is working through the winter hibernation - a slow, colorful playtime that feels real good.
    Glad you know yours is awakening. I have a feeling she will so be inspired by white hands...

    Stay warm, my lovely !

  11. So happy for you and the returning/awakening inner artist. Sometimes a little bit of rest, hibernation, is exactly what the soul needs.

  12. loving this post...~ and I get it~ come on out to play, art, stretch and BE FABULOUS....just as you can be!

  13. I'd like to welcome awake with a cup of ginger tea and a plate of fresh strawberries - one to warm her through the winter and the other as a promise of spring.

    sending love!


  14. oh how i hoped you helped her get dressed and made her a big breakfast with lots of protein to keep the momentum going....

  15. Hate to rub it in, but out here in Cali4nia it might be just slightly on the cool side, but yesterday I was able to wear a short sleeved shirt.

    But don't forget that from suffering comes art. I should go stick my head in the freezer.

  16. i get her. i look forward to seeing her show herself here.

  17. Oh, I get her, too.
    And I love her.
    And she inspires me.

  18. I love the quiet way she emerges. Only when she is ready. On her terms.


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