“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


hospital stairwell belly button

the umbilical cord ties us together still.


day 11.
we fall into the routine.
the average of 5 bucks a day to park,
the late lunches, if any,
all the last calls on my cell phone medically related
aunts and cousins i've not heard from in years.
i carry the phone charger in my purse
and leave the phone plugged in everywhere.
i sit on hospital benches,
kindling games and cheap novels,
and stay at work late into the night,
lilycat and i in the darkened front room.
i forget to buy groceries
 a huge box of valentine chocolates
is supper three nights in a row.
and breakfast.



  1. I know this place. I've been in that stairwell, on those benches. I'm there with you right now, sending you much love. xo Gigi

  2. More hugs and hope and light are being sent to you. And if I could, there would also be soup.

  3. it is a strange routine .. sorry that it is happening ..wish i could fix you a dinner .. stay connected to her my friend..

  4. the routine is numbing,yet somehow consoling in its consistency... remember you are not alone on that bench, that staircase or in that car ride home .. we are here

  5. Yes, a familiar place. And yes, we are all there, wings enfolding you from every angle, loving you through each breath.

  6. ..we pray for you and think of you when you have no strength and prayer left in you. remember that when you are exhausted and can't take another step, you DO take that step because we care, and are thinking of you that very moment.

  7. Sending caring thoughts and love. I too have been on those benches. I talked to one of God's angels who was also sitting on a bench. All my mom wanted to do was go home. She just kept asking us to take her home. On the bench is where I learned of hospice. We took her home against doctors orders with the help of hospice. The outcome would not have been any different if she stayed her last days in the hospital. So my mom came back to the place she was always the happiest "Home" I hope angels are helping you at this time.

  8. Hang in there...sending you lots of light. I have been there with my Mom, it's not easy. xoxo

  9. I am so sorry it is a routine now. I will leave you a non-medical-related message on your phone and buy you groceries and make them into a meal, stand in the one parking spot left on the street until you can pull the car around and avoid the $5 fee... or at least in my heart, I will do these things for you. Know that I really would, if I were anywhere within driving distance. I love you.

  10. Please take care of yourself, you are precious.


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