“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


somewhere between paying for this balloon and walking it to their car, someone changed their mind

it was tied to a pole right outside the door of the pharmacy, blowing all over the place in the cold night air, and it said i love you right there on its heart, but still, there it was.  not where it should've been, not surprising someone or making someone smile, but tied to that pole.  someone took some time to tie it down, didn't just let it go free, didn't let it soar, and there's a lot of mmm-hmmms in that statement; it could so mean more than meets the eye.  back in the days when gentlemen gave flowers to ladies, all those flowers said something, had a language all their own.  blue violets were faithful, buttercups brought cheer, forget-me-nots remembered.  perhaps the same with this balloon. 

it was losing its ability to fly high in the air - battling the cold and the wind had taken its toll, as battles will do, and it had but a few hours more; i don't know what an hour of balloon life equals in people life, but it seemed about done.  it tossed and twirled in the wind and it was only when i got home that i thought of releasing it, that it came to me it was trying to free itself.  i didn't go back - it was quite a bit after i got home that this idea came to me, but it also came to me that perhaps it was tied to the pole as an i love you to everyone who passed by.  and perhaps that is just a rationalization, a silly one at that (i am full of silliness); more likely it just came bouncing across the parking lot and someone grabbed it and tied it there so that the person who'd lost it could find it.  but they couldn't.

there's a big mmm-hmmm in that thought also.



  1. I'll say. There is a whole book's worth of a story there. I like the one you came up with, that it was there as a message for everyone that walked by.

  2. Love the clip!
    Actually, I was thinking kind of the same thing...no matter what our brave balloon's story is, as to why it's on the pole, there it is~~Just reminding every viewer of a nice essential truth...

  3. did you know that i leave little love signs around for people to find ?
    i do. most recently my newest postcards have been left around seaside....hee hee

    and i think the balloon love was for your eyes and heart and anyone else who believes in love.....

  4. Oh my...my heart breaks a little reading this. Such meaning you find in things others would pass by without a thought. I love this about you. :)

  5. love the clip .. i wonder too about leftover things when I see them like this balloon except you write in such a way that it becomes poetry...

  6. Not such a silly thought, really. It was the exact one I had while reading your post.

    Not nearly enough people are told that they are loved, valued, special.

    I'm choosing to believe that the wind-ravaged (but still floating) balloon WAS a message to those who noticed.

    After all, it has been said that the question is not "why aren't there more miracles every day?"; but instead "who notices?"

  7. Oh I love the thought of someone having tied it there for anyone who passed by, I'm going with that one.

  8. LOL, I just had to come back after listening to Jeff Goldblum (one of my al time favourite actors) that made me LMAO!

  9. i am like everyone else and i was thinking the same thing someone put it there just for you and then the next person and the one before you how sweet. doesn't it make you just wanna do the same thing yourself. like Beth drop a little love around the
    place oh yeah it makes me want to

  10. Could have been meant for me -- I was wondering where the love had gone... (wimper, wimper)
    Happy (yeah right) New Year,
    Don and Kitty

  11. I love the stories you have glimpsed in this balloon, both versions. And maybe it's a bit silly, but on the other hand I do believe that there are amazing people who do that kind of thing... like the post-it note saying "I love you" stuck to the bathroom stall in a rest stop outside of George, WA. But even if that's not what was intended originally, that is what the balloon became the moment you saw that in it. And that is why I love you.

  12. Oh, my. I just found you and I'm glad I did. Good writing. I look forward to reading more from the past. ~Mindy

  13. hmmmm. i feel it was tied there for all - love for all.

  14. hehe...who knows. But I love that things like this come across our paths so that we can create our own stories about them.


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