“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


shadows of the new year

this year so far is full of sneezes
and shadows
and chocolate sorbet
and laundry unlaundered 
and reading reading reading
through books not deep but oh-so-satisying,
like made for tv movies you think you won't watch a 2nd time,
books taking me to scotland and upstate new york and montreal
and everyone of them cold,
snowflakes falling from the pages as i turn them,
piling in drifts by the couch and the bed,
melting next to the heater here in my office.

even the kindle pages.

it is 5:30 and the darkness is almost here,
but not here yet,
and that not-here-yet makes me happy.

new year's eve saw me on the couch with lily
watching illegal fireworks bursting above the treetops north of us;
it saw me listening to the storefront church 2 doors down,
parishioners praying out the old year, singing in the new,
their jingle of tambourines unable to be contained by mere walls.
it saw me smiling as i drove away into the cold night.
i be here, i thought.
i be here now.



  1. now is the best place to be.

    you made me smile, i was on my way home tonight right around five thirty, thinking how it was still light out and loving it.

    all our snow melted this weekend while i was away, there is more coming, but today the grass was actually green after a few days of warmth.

    i want a month of Sundays by the fire to keep reading...

  2. Hi! I want a month of Sundays to keep reading and stitching by the fire as well- heavenly. I go back to school tomorrow and really, would rather be home. Love reading your blog- one of my "resolutions" is to be less of a lurker. Happiest of New Years to YOU!!!

  3. i do not want to go back to work tomorrow .. so i am just going to stare at the shadows and wish for chocolate sorbet...

  4. the snow piling up around you....snowflakes from books....my god you're good !

    but you know, i'm pretty much loving the sand at the moment...and oh the shadows this afternoon.....


  5. Be here now. Yes... Sounds like the perfect way to begin the year. And tambourines are nice too :)

  6. so far it's kind of hot here, j tells me the 'short rains' are over...when were they, did i miss them!!! but books, yes lots of books. i always read your posts and think that i want to go and be still, not that you always write about that...but it makes me reflect..want to be on my veranda under the castle eves and just sit and think, good to take time out.

  7. Your heart has poured out another treasure. I was moved by this. Thnx

  8. Happy New Year Debi (and everyone)!

    I so love dwelling in the Gentle Softness that I associate with you.

    I think you're special ~ and look forward to spending more time here in 2011 ...

  9. i'd just like some cool air we are melting here in the heat and the rain....a month of sundays to read and photograph yes please

  10. This was great... I loved it. You are truly a creative and interesting person... Don't know if you remember me, but it's Joshua. Mr. Langham's old student who worked for brookshires.

  11. hello, lady!
    long time no see.
    this photo is amazing... so my kind of photo.

    i'm doing some blog hop catching up,
    and couldn't wait to get here and see what's new.
    i hope you have been well
    and that your new year is off to a wonderful start.

    happy new year, to you!

    {loving visions of chocolate sorbet for winter}

  12. Oh my gosh, I love your description of the snowflakes. How whimsical!!! You tickle my soul, you do.


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