“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


last night belonged to the moon

the sky holding out her hand, 
the orange moon so-big and cupped in her palm,
a gift to see me home through air that felt christmas cold,
felt as if snowflakes were hidden inside.
all i needed to do, it seemed, was open wide my arms
and spin through the darkness;
the air would break open like an icy pinata 
and the snow would fall in soft silent slow motion around me. 
in the still awake dark of early early morning hours,
my moonlit bedroom windows,
out of focus,
floated white in the underexposed room,
and on the floor where maggie the cat once curled in the sun, 
painted a pattern with colder light,
a pattern identical to summer afternoons.
the corners, all textures and trying,
faded into secrets,
full of moments not quite there.

this morning belonged to the sun. 
shimmering bright against the frost. 
the corners full of nothing but dust and dreams.

words skitter away on such a day.
 and i let them.
the night comes again and is waiting outside the door. 



  1. I think your words skittered into these lines of beautiful imagery.

    I walked under that same moon, twirled with the inescapable gloriousness of it all. Wasn't it a moonlit perfect night?

  2. I dance upon your words like ~icy pinatas~ and ~christmas cold~....you are a beautiful wordsmith!! I am spinning outa control with you

  3. Unbelievably lovely, words and photos both. Dazzling poetry for the soul.

  4. dust and dreams.....

    i think that's all i really need. well maybe not the dust so much.

  5. wordsmith, you are.... pleased, I am.. to have this place to come and read them -

  6. all textures and trying.
    moments not quite there.

    i saw the moon, she woke me up, tapping on my window in the middle of the night.
    and i smiled.

  7. Gorgeous words and images. I hope your day doesn't skitter away too fast, enjoy it.

  8. poetry for the eyes, words for the heart. secret languages.
    may i have a cookie please?

  9. lovely! i so enjoyed your article in artful blogging.

  10. my god.

    this is achingly beautiful.

    compile a book, i tell you.

    i wish to hold your words in my hands.


  11. so very beautiful -- words and images both!

  12. oh my i love this. every bit. you amaze me with your talent

  13. such pretty words, lovely images.

  14. how beautiful this is!!! got me thinking that last night (for me) belonged to the wind...it howled through our castle, even thought the roof might come off. prefer the idea of the moon owning the night, more gentle and easier to sleep :)

  15. Beautiful circles of light.
    And your words, as always, carry a light of their own.

  16. hello . i relish the shimmering amid the dark . stay warm friend

  17. Wordsmith you are indeed. This is so good I've been back to read it over and over (and over) again.

  18. An amazing creation; like a feast for the soul.

  19. All light is beautiful, living, and precious. But, the moon. Oh, the moon is my friend.


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