“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


i am a slow walker

they always must wait and make sure i haven't lost myself winding through the pathways and tiny alleyways, but it doesn't matter, it's too late, i have lost myself a bit in this place.  this wonderland of playhouses painted like a box of easter candies, like jelly beans, only a few folks out to brave the cold cold air - yes, to all my northern friends, it is cold; us 3 texans are not the only ones to feel it.  we are 5, and we have known each other less than 2 days, but secrets tumble forth and silliness and laughter and tears and we draw with children's crayons on the white paper tablecloth at lunch, key lime pie brought home for dessert, and there is hot tea made with roses and valerian, the only ingredients i remember.  there are homemade fresh-from-the-oven muffins for breakfast, made by women with no need to measure, suppers prepared on the fly, what does the store have today?  the need for quinoa still unfulfilled.  there is alabama stitching going on, and garland making, and i am taking it in, wanting to get home and do both, ideas for my dollhouse and real house filling my heart and head.

today is a day with a long list of to-dos; it is wednesday and i am still here and excited to face the day.  feeling the friendships develop, happy to be with these women.  jumping is on the list and art and stories and more photographs, and the beach, the gulf in winter.  

time for stories when i return.



  1. you're making my heart sing!!!


  2. What a wonderful, inspirational experience. So glad you all connected (I do love Beth and her shenanigins) and aren't you glad you pushed forward.

  3. It sounds as though you're having an amazing time, such a different post to yesterday. Congrats on challenging the anxiety and making it through another day. :0)

  4. smiling a big smile for you, and all that magical sounding wonder. This morning, here, everything is covered in a think blanket of snow, ice caps on all the trees...

  5. True inspiration is priceless. How fun.

  6. God, it just sounds so wonderful, I am in absolute joy for you! (Be sure & tell later what "Alabama stitching" is!)

  7. How wonderful...so very very wonderful. Sounds like the perfect thing...each moment.

  8. so deeply, deeply happy for you. =)

  9. What a wonderful time you are having. I can't wait to hear more stories.

    BTW - my first home for the season house is done. I will photograph it next week and put on the blog.

  10. Slow walkers see more,
    if only the ground.
    See more, spend less time
    in the E.R.

  11. ahhhhh...this makes me smile and feel warm inside :) i am confident the world is a good place to walk slowly and know that someone will offer a hand if you do think you are lost. Debi, the traveling marvel! you are brave. and i admire your courage. i enjoyed reading your posts leading up to this supposed-to-be-warm-but-cold-instead adventure.



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