“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


first, louisiana . . .

i am packed
and tomorrow out the door
a few minutes before the cold cold front moves in.
michael will keep the house warmed up for me,
waiting for my return.
i hear there may be sleet and snow on sunday,
but i will be gone. 

i am heading for a beach somewhere.
and though it may not be warm, warm,
it is a beach and there are waves
and it is part of my promise to maggie the cat
to learn to travel again,
phobias and anxiety and all.
it is the gift she gave me on her leaving.

there may be pictures -
photoshop installed on this laptop just today -
but there may also just be words.
i am hoping to play,
to relax,
to spend time with new blogging friends.

(if there is nothing,
just know it is all good nothing,
and i will be here again in a week.)

but expect me sooner.
expect me tomorrow night.



  1. deb enjoy the warmth, pictures or words or either one or both ... a new years toast to maggie, life & road trips

  2. Deb, I hope your trip is lovely and everything that you need it to be! I am sitting here, trying not to be at all jealous. :)

  3. -:) ...and don't get caught speeding in Louisiana!

  4. Maggie is smiling, I just saw it. Have a wonderful, wonder full, magical trip. I'm sure there will be lots of hearts to be found, lots of words to write on slips of paper, lots of softness...

  5. Oh, I am so glad you are gifting yourself with water, wave & (hopefully!) warmth.
    Enjoy your trip & meetings with fellow souls.
    (p.s. Your bag rocks!!)

  6. Sounds wonderful. Enjoy the beach.

  7. Good for you! Have a wonderful trip to the beach, and oh, how I love that green bag and those runners.

  8. so proud of you!! next week, you will not be the same person.

    this is the definition of courage.

    love and blessings and safe travels,

  9. you go girl...COME ON..Let's go! ~YOU CAN STEER~

  10. Hi Debi !
    I will meet you Monday, at the end of your fabulous drive. There will be hugs, laughter, understanding and great girlie time waiting for you there !
    Can't wait to meet you and give you that huge congratulatory hug !

    (I have to fly across the country by myself for the first time to make this journey too. We can share tips on how to be the bravest self we can be ! )

  11. funny how my post tomorrow will sound very similar except with the traveling part :)

    oh debi....i just can't wait !

  12. I just knew you were going to see beth. Hug her for me! Have a totally wonderful time and don't forget to jump.

  13. have a safe and wonderful journey my friend

  14. Traveling by yourself can be a bit intimidating at first (I was nervous about going to Italy by myself), but it is also liberating. You can just feel yourself stretching in ways you've never stretched before.

  15. I'm sure Maggie would be proud of you, setting off boldly on this adventure. I have been dreaming of a beach lately, thinking it is something my soul is craving. I look forward to reading of your travels so I can enjoy the waves and the sand vicariously through your words and photos.

  16. So this is what sweet Beth was talking about on her blog! How wonderful that you get to connect...and on a beach!! Near the ocean!
    Happy travels my friend.

  17. so very, very proud of and happy for you that you are learning to travel again. tears of joy in my eyes for you, for maggie. ♥

  18. Just came from Beth's blog after reading about your wonderful adventures. I love your bag here! Love it. So glad you had a good trip.


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