“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


she taught me everything i know & vice versa

some sleight of hand for you today.
i'm not here.
today i'm humbled and honored to be featured at gigi's place,
the magpie's fancy,
talking about legacies and magic
and why i do what i do.

she has a beautiful place
and is a wonderful woman and wonderful writer,
and did i mention how honored i feel?
we'd love it if you stopped by.
just click your heels together 3 times right here.



  1. I just this morning turned the corner, back into that space, & then to read this beautiful piece is a sweet confirmation from the Universe!
    Thank you, as always, you Wise Muse in our world!

  2. yay! on my way...
    click, click, click...

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  4. I came here on a magic wind from Gigi's. Blown away, blown here. Your piece just spoke to my heart so. And your images, oh! so beautiful.

    So grateful to Gigi for her legacy series, and for the treasures it has brought, like this marvellous place here.
    I'll definitely be stopping by again!

  5. Absolutely lovely.
    What a great honor.

  6. I loved your post at Gigi's bu then I love most everything you post. I hope this year brings you all you hope for. Happy New year.

  7. The legacy you are leaving is just perfect, pure magic!

  8. deb, you have the most ethereal photography... and i love it all!

  9. Oh I will so go over there and see what gifts await....

  10. Catching up. Started with the recent posts and worked my way backwards. Went to the link at Magpie's Fancy.
    I don't think I really knew the story behind the image that I fell in love with and had to have...


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