“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


reverb10: day 6. make. i don't cook, i don't sew

i don't a lot of things,
and if i paint a painting, i'm not sure i call that making something.

today's prompt from reverb10:
what was the last thing you made? what materials did you use?
is there something you want to make,
but you need to clear some time for it?

i make lots of sentences.
i string the words together
on whatever flimsy piece of string i can find,
and see if they hang correctly,
see if the string holds,
see how many more knots are needed.
i don't even care if those knots are visible.
cause really
i want you to run your hands over those words,
i want you to know the feel of those knots.
i want you to know the sentences are handmade, 
tied together with pieces of my heart
and my day
and my loves
and my not-so-loves.
i made sentences last night on a piece of paper
with pen and ink
and silence in the background.
i am making this one right now with noise
and a computer and a keyboard
and no capital letters
and interruptions
and a growly belly
and a chill in the air.

this one too.



  1. Well, you know I love this post, and you know I tie a lot of sentence knots, too, so this we have in common. I cook a lot. I used to cook for a living, so it's in my bones now. I can't help but cook. I sew some. I crochet. I paint. I collage. I am a compulsive maker. The last thing I made, besides the homemade scalloped potatoes and beans and cornmeal biscuits I made yesterday (which I'll have for leftovers tonight), was a collaged housewarming card for a friend.

    But I can't think of a better thing to make than sentences. This trumps all other making, in my book. :) xoxo Gigi

  2. you make the best tied in knots sentences ever.
    beautiful, fabulous, make me see like a painting sentences.
    if that is the only thing you make, well, then that is just perfect.

  3. Great post, love the knot analagy.

  4. so friggin gorgeous, i could pee in my pants! love it, love it, love it!

  5. Sentences is a good thing to make. I wish I could sometimes put words together like you do. I made Christmas cards out of cardboard coffee cup sleeves and today made scones out of flour, salt, sugar, cream, butter. But words is for sure a talent you have.

  6. i love your sentences, knots and all.

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  8. i am in awe of what you "make" here ..photos too are always such a part of the string of words..you are so very amazing to me ..stay warm friend!!

  9. I believe that when one paints its making something! Your writing is so lyrical & beautiful.

  10. i don't cook either....sew ?....well i have a machine, but it doesn't get used very often.

    so words....and sentences....now that's a talent that very few have, so we are blessed that this is what you make for us :)

  11. What a wonderful thing to make, and how wonderfully you do it.

  12. acckkkk....why can't i find your email....will you send it to me again please ?

  13. I wish I could cook...and I wish I could sew original one of a kind clothing that no one else has....but those aren't the deck of cards I was handed. I guess that's what happens when you teach every night into the dinner hours.


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