“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


reverb10: day 1. one word. i will say surrender.

it has been a year when i could do nothing else, a year full of moments i was powerless to change, a year full of letting go and letting it happen because i am not god, no matter what buddha may say;  it is a year i said the buddha might be wrong.  i walked paths expected and paths unplanned, and i kept walking.  the longest path of all is one i still stand upon, but it is no longer uphill and i have caught my breath.  i can look back and see the other paths behind me - the digital roadways that trucked my words to a larger audience;  the charming pathways of cobblestone or brick or sand, bordered with flowers and birds and friends.  they offered tea and sympathy and blue cupcakes and celebrations and invitations and i held out my hands and took them.  those paths are the reason i won't say empty ~ 2010 has not been empty at all.  i was wrong for thinking so.

2011 will be softer.  this year's surrender decrees it.  my heart has been full of loss and joy and love and tears and grows softer daily.  not weak, but soft.  strong.  soft.  soft. 


from reverb10's annual event.
i am late in joining ~ i thought i wouldn't.
i said i wouldn't.




  1. i think on relfection, surrender would be an appropriate word to describe me this year too. i fought, i rebelled, but in the end, everytime, i surrendered.

  2. i love this image. and i love your word. (all your words).
    soft is good, strong soft. yes.

  3. i say you are right on time..what a path..i am happy about being here for the moments

  4. Yes, surrender is the odd elixer that softens us while simultaneously growing a flexible, durable strength
    that allows us to survive anything & eventually learn to thrive again.
    Your heart is like your words: filled with beauty & grace.

  5. if i had to chose a word, it would be 'release', which is sisters to surrender.

    what a year. 2011 is lookin' sweet.


  6. Surrender, is such complex word. Surrender can be soft and sweet, or gut-wrenching, or so many things in between. I pray you have a soft, soft, soft 2011, full of wonder and light.

  7. Beautiful post. I just read your article in Artful Blogging, great feature. Way to go.

  8. soft and strong - what a perfect combination.

  9. surrender? i don't like that word. it means i had to let go, was forced into a place i didn't want to be. yet, i had to do much of that in this past year myself. pushed on me, dumped on me...trying to find me.. Me was lost. perhaps still is. your words reflect me. i will be glad when this year is done. january always means we start anew. why can't i do that in november or july? it always must be january.

  10. This is lovely, as always.

    The phrase "... and I kept on walking" has wrapped itself around my heart. It will help with things, I think.

    One foot in front of the other.

    It's funny too, I always think the mushier the heart, the more open it is, and yes, the stronger. xoxo

  11. I wish you a complete understanding of the awesome power of true Surrender by this time next year.

    And I'm glad you're 'reverbing' too ...

  12. Oh, I really hope it is so. Softer. For you.


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