“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


advent evening 9: tree, decorated

sometimes you get what you get.
the thing is,
this big old squooshy lollipop
gets soft when you leave it next to a window for too long.

i love the way it looks like it's leaning on its elbow,
all lazy & lollipopy,
while visions of sugarplums dance in its head.
which is where christmas really lives,
or really your heart, i guess.
the decorations don't matter,
the tree doesn't matter,
the twinkly lights don't matter.
ditto presents.

they all make us happy, of course,
of course!
but they don't make christmas christmas.

so for all of us who are busy busy busy right now
and not with the fun stuff,
and yes, michelle, i mean you,
it's okay if the spirit ain't moving you,
and it's okay if it doesn't.
some years are just that way.

and you know what?
christmas comes anyway.



  1. it does come, and mostly, all the "stuff" gets done no matter how much it seems that it won't. and some years are like that, the spirit doesn't move you, but then the next year, it just might. :)
    love the photo, it looks like a Whoville lollipop!

  2. bestest lollipop i ever did see! and my god, how is it you are always surrounded by your signature color?

    i wish your photo was a christmas card. i'd send it to everyone to invoke the spirit of wonder. :)


  3. Gosh, that lolly makes me smile!! It's true~the season happens no matter how we're feeling, & maybe if we can just go along with that (on years when we're not so jolly) it will all be ok.

  4. That lollipop has my name on it. :0)

  5. every year....the stress and the not so fun comes and christmas does, too...

    and oh good god if you could see the snow that just came tonight.....

  6. I really loved this post.you take gorgeous photos and have inspiring thoughts.

  7. Seasons come and seasons go, take a deep breath, just enjoy no matter if the decorations are up or not. Love your picture.

  8. oh my gosh I love your tree and the lollipop is just ever so lovely I do looooove that colour. I am sort of struggling a bit with the "christmas spirit" this year though I know it will be Christmas anyway. Loving these advent posts.

  9. i hate to panic over holidays. you are so right, they come anyway and we are ready in some fashion. family will be fed, hugged, and remembered.

  10. Debi, I had to say goodbye to my darling Max last night and I came home and read your various posts about Maggie (and Lily) because I knew how much they would help, and then I read this post about it being okay not to be feeling the Christmas spirit because right now, all I feel is sadness and loss but also gratitude and I wanted to thank you for all of your words, they touch my heart in so many ways every day.

  11. mmmmmm....lollipop!!!! pretty picture Debi.

    yes, it comes anyway. choosing to embrace it makes it a tad easier. xoxolignalo

  12. Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful Xmas season

  13. Loved this!
    Good Christmas to you.

  14. thank you thank you for the blue .. your special shade of blue and white is like a soft breeze ..

    I can only take so much red and green....

  15. I think, officially today, the busy has subsided. It's been an epic journey, let me tell you, but now....all is quiet. I have this one precious quiet day before I am surrounded with people and activity. I am savouring it, just as that squishy lolipop is soaking up the light.


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