“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


advent day 3: and we sang feliz navida-a-ad, feliz navidad

from last night's christmas parade.
i have pictures of children and pictures of lights
and bands and floats and christmas cheer,
but this one makes me smile.
just for kids? says he,
bah humbug!
let me in there,
give me a santa cap,
one with a blinky light,
and let me march.
and so he did.
and merry christmas'd us.
there was candy tossed,
and down the street a block i could see the tops of red tents
against white lights which had settled in all the trees,
tents full of hot chocolate and other winter goodies;
i pocketed a candy cane
which broke when i kneeled to take a picture,
but still ~ just as good in pieces.

feliz navidad was playing in the background,
and we sang along.



  1. sounds like a fun evening. I can't believe it's December already but I love this celebratory time of year.

  2. I love this man!

    Since I don't have kids and my husband isn't really into Christmas at all, I've kind of bowed out from the season, as if it didn't belong to me. I love how this man stepped up!

    Sounds like such a fun time, broken candy canes and all.


  3. hi there.
    what a fabulously fun time!

  4. love this photo. my mom is the most serious christmas lover i have ever known, she would do that, she would wear this hat, or even the christmas tree one, and parade like that and wave. a few years ago she quit her job as the cafeteria monitor (a job she loved! and that is a hard job to love) because they told her she couldn't say merry christmas to the kids, she had to say happy holidays.
    i think she told them she was Mrs. Claus.

  5. i wish i could have been there....a warm christmas parade seems so perfect this time of year to a whiner like me who doesn't like the cold....

  6. We have one of these too, but I missed it this year. Actually we have two...one is for lights and floats and all things parade...the other is trucks..all lit up from front to back top to bottom (I don't know how they battery power all these lights) ...sounds strange, but it is very colourful..and bright. really bright.


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