“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


small magic

a red leaf, a twig, warmer air today with the sky beginning to go gray by mid-afternoon, cooler air moving in, maybe rain they say.  the sound of a train outside so close; it passes right across the street, right behind the building facing us, and then the sound is gone and the silence is loud and it is just me and lily cat, here with the almost dark dropping as softly as this leaf.  november again.

i look for poems; no, that is a lie, i think of it, i intend to search, but i don't; i only remember when the day moves on and it is that time before supper, that time when, as children, we used to stay outside, playing under the streetlamps until our mothers came to the doors and called us in - when that time comes and i sit here to write and the day has been full of only small moments and i want only to say listen to that nothingness, feel the luxury of this aloneness, when that time comes and i have so little to tell, then i remember i meant to look for poems for you.

but there is poetry in the day just gone -
the finding of 11 cents on 11/11,
a dime and a penny nestled together like an old married couple,
just touching, enjoying the sunshine,
rescued before the winter closes over them hard and cold;
that red leaf up above -
i stepped over it and thought it looks like a song;
stars hanging from the trees like leaves,
an autumn pear yellow on the ground,
a woodpecker in the magnolia tree,
another in the sweet gum, glittering in the silvering light. 

last night there was a sky behind the clouds
and the darkness was shaped like a smile.

it is enough.



  1. you don't have to look for it, you just have to think and it is a poem. i loved all of this, every word, every syllable, every image.
    love the old married couple, love that smile.

  2. Oh, you have carried me away again! Stars hanging on the tree, the pear on the ground, the silence...Content & happy now...

  3. look for poems? look no further. you ARE a poem.

    xoxo loved every beautiful word of this glorious post. xo

  4. Some days when I read your posts I am amazed by how many thoughts we have that parallel each other. This is a beautiful post. What words to hold in my head as I drift off to sleep tonight. xo

  5. Gorgeous words. Isn't it a JOY to weave words together and make them yours. I love that the darkness came and was shaped like a smile. May that smile surround you and lily cat tonight.

  6. You have such a magical, visual way with words. Beautiful post. It also brought wonderful childhood memories of staying out playing until the street lamps went off, thank you.

  7. this is lyrical ..the discoveries . time moving . or not . i relish the feeling I had as I read through your moments ...

  8. i so love it when you take me by the hand. ; )

  9. I came here from soul aperture, intrigued by the profile picture, that joyous child face, the art and laughter in those eyes.

    you have a lovely blog here, and i look forward to exploring more.

    plus, art and anxiety says it all.

  10. Oh my, you've done it again...described a moment so perfectly I swear I was right there beside you, SEEING everything.

  11. You find the poetry in the little things...the things others would pass right by.
    You don't need to look for poems...they find you.


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