“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


sandra dee is on the television, showing her thigh to troy donahue

showing the place where a rose reached out and scratched her with its thorn, as roses do, and that is all there is today; i have done nothing but watch the leaves fall from the trees.  i have done little all weekend, truth be told.  i let the dishes stay unwashed, i put off laundry, i didn't even visit lilycat yesterday and found i missed her, for which i am grateful.  it means my heart is healing.

november continues exactly as it always does - impossible to know day-to-day whether it will be warm or cool, gray or full of sunshine, and, really, here where i live in northeast texas, each day is filled with all those things.  the only constant has been the wind, and the leaves in the air.  i was up at 5 and, needing something from my jeep, stepped out in a short gown over flimsy pj bottoms & flipflops and it felt nice, just cool enough to insure i didn't linger.  i turn the heater on, then off, then turn on a fan, then off, open a window with the heater on, trying to find that perfect balance, but there's no getting there.  my legs are hot, my feet are cold, my arms and face feel extra warm but i need a sweater.  and then i don't.  the computer says it is 78 degrees out there, says it will be cold by thanksgiving eve, and that there will be a blue moon in tonight's sky, or was that last night's sky?  impossible for my mind to figure out today.

my thoughts are everywhere, like the weather, like the temperatures, like the traffic on the roads.  it feels like too much monkey business when i step outside the house, and just as crazy if i don't.  it is one of those jazz days, everything playing my attention and then moving on to another riff ~ i change channels, checking the cowboys score, and the end of a commercial is on; rethink possible it says on the tv screen.  outside the sun breaks through a cloud and lights up the now-bright-yellow hackberry leaves and then a gust of wind and down they come; cloudcover again and they are pale green.  back to the tv and there are pink roses on a desk, sheathing their claws, a baby blue telephone, sandra and troy in a sailboat on a rough ocean, and you know where this is going as they head for rocks near the shore.  across the street, pink silk roses hang near the ginkgo tree, its leaves speckled pale gold coins, good luck waiting to drop into the slots, the pretend roses the spoilers that keep the jackpot at bay.

a day of stuff and nonsense. 
78 degrees or not, i need socks again, and my nose is cold. 
the cowboys are winning
those leaves up above have puppydog ears.
there are no deep thoughts here.
for that i am grateful.
a day off for rest.



  1. it's been a day off here, too...
    and our packers just won :)

    surprisingly, it's been warm here....they say. those men with the big maps. but the air has been wet and cold to me and sophie looks outside before going out, deciding that going potty isn't that important after all.....

    and the tv plays the holiday....one of our favorite christmas movies....along with love actually and elf...

    until tomorrow.....

  2. An in-between day in an in-between-time. This time has the feeling of endings, without a beginnings trapeze to grab on to. We may have to swing back to the platform and try again.

  3. I think I need to take a day off soon. My head has been all over the place at night in my dreams. No rest when that happens. Great descriptions of jazz days. You have a wonderful way with words.

  4. I need a day to do nothing but watch the leaves fall. except that here they have already fallen. i need that day just the same.
    and those pretend roses, they break my heart, a little.

  5. There is nothing to do right now.
    So you are exactly where you are supposed to be.
    Experiencing contrast is the Universes' way of getting our undivided attention.
    The hot and cold means that it is trying extra hard to get yours, so, give it some due and just BE.
    A day off is a day well spent.

  6. Cats scratch and pierce and bite too. I'll never show the scars, but I've got em.

  7. i've had days off just watching the leaves fall and it is wonderful. and we've had the same kind of weather here almost as bad as my middle-aged hot flashes

  8. No deep thoughts.
    That sounds so peaceful.
    I love that kind of quiet.

    I am sitting here, huddled in a blanket...the heat is cranked, but I am NEVER warm enough. We are in the middle of a short, but strong, cold spell...snowfall warnings in effect for overnight. And strangely, I love it. I love it all. But, I so wish I was someone who had a constant built in body thermostat...with warm hands and feet....how blissful would that feel?!
    You are in the midst of fall....it ended here so abruptly. Must grab my slippers...

  9. I was up late last night and I realized that it was only Friday tomorrow (now today) I still had SO MUCH TIME left. YAY!!!!!!!!!!


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