“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


i pay attention to my dreams

i admit it is the light switch that does it for me in this picture.  it is a gorgeous dress and it was a gorgeous time, and there are other pictures, but this morning this one, with the softness of that dress-of-bygone-eras against that lovely light switch is the one that calls to me.  there is also something about the sunlight settling itself against the fabric, warming it to your touch, that makes me smile.

i spent a large part of yesterday at the d.m.v., renewing my driver's license, waiting in lines, impatient to get done with it, to return to this place, to take pictures, to talk, to meet new people.  i'd stopped on my way - a sale called HEAP - a heap of whatever, they said.  there were antiques and crafts and christmas decorations, photos i am waiting to share , and there were homemade cookies made by this wonderful woman.  i only had a moment, then off to the 2 hour wait for my license, a quick lunch of drive through mcdonald's, a grabbing of my camera, of my latest magazines to show, and back i went, they closed at 4, i was hurrying, hurrying, hurrying through picture taking, hurrying against their clock and mine - i still had work to do and the afternoon almost gone - but it was fun and it was fabulous to meet other women in this area who like pretty, and not the typical east texas pretty.  fun pretty.

i am again hurrying this morning - against the clock of the drugstore, against the soon even-earlier darkness about to descend upon us; i am leaving my house cluttered and piled and off again to HEAP - not for pictures this time, but for a couple of christmas ornaments, if they are still unsold.  they are that perfect blue. 

and then to the paint store.  i dreamed once again last night of a house i lived in long ago, and i was painting the walls - i can see the brush against the molding, careful, careful to not splash paint on the wonderful white molding, and it was soothing beyond measure, that slowness of the brushstrokes a meditation in a dream.  it is a sign - i was painting the walls a soft cocooning cool buttery yellow, a color i have thought about for a year or more, a color i think the front room at work should be - such a change from the dark purply blue it is now.  i will have to paint around the emma tree, but i think it is therapy i need.  the room will be softer - i need more softness.  it will no doubt take the entire month of november to finish, but i can already see the sun settling itself into the corners, warming the walls.



  1. all the colors you wove through this story, all the dreams.
    softness is good, warmth is good.
    life is good.

  2. I loved all the great stuff at the HEAP sale too. And you are right there are only a handfull of us her in ET that "get it". I'm glad to be in that club though. Love the dress, love the light, love the dream, and Loved the magazine article. Great job and kudos to you.

  3. the "heap" sounds like the kind of sale i search for...

    if i lived near you, you would have found me there....

  4. Thanks for calling me a wonderful woman. :) That put a smile on my face tonight.

    I hope you got your ornaments! Were they still there?

    I added you to my blogroll just now; I look forward to seeing you again!


  5. You know, I'm not a big fan of the colour yellow...except for paint. When it comes to indoor walls, well, my living space has yellow tones...it is the warmth and coziness I think. Makes me feel all wrapped up in the winter when it is dark and grey outside, and it is delightfully light and breezy in the summer months.
    It is a most perfect wall colour!


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