“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


a small story of a small night, with apologies to t.r. pearson

sunday afternoon late, and the melancholies settled in, the outside masquerading as early spring, a quiet, quiet day, a gray morning but the sun finally out and beginning to set early, all golden across the yard, and i indoors watching a movie about life, death, commitment or lack thereof, sadness, love - so unlike me, i usually don't, i usually turn away from those, but penelope cruz was starring, and she'd been on the tv all day, in the background, captain corelli's mandolin showing up twice, and vicky cristina barcelona saturday morning, so i stopped to watch and was taken with the story and the set design and the gray gray ocean, while outside the sun fell lower in the sky, and it seemed spring again, it really did, a spring with maggie, and death kept showing up in the movie and the sun was laying stripes across the yard as it fell even lower, and it was spring in my head, it really was.  it was in the 80s outside, an easy mistake.  i fell into the movie and watched the darkness sneak up outside the glass doors and the phone didn't ring and the computer was off, and i felt maggie gone, felt the need to visit lily cat; it was warm when i stepped outside and headed north, a 5 minute drive if i catch all the lights red, storm clouds gathering, a streak of lightning exactly horizontal across the sky in front of me, thunder in the farther northern skies, and hail from those skies later.

i had planned to write about words, but my office felt like home and there was a cat to keep me company.



  1. wow....i just watched the trailer to elegy and now i have to see it...like NOW !

  2. yes, a very good movie.

    i love your photo, and this post is a song with a melody, perhaps slightly melancholy, but still, lilting.

    today i could mistake it for spring here, warmth and bees and pink cosmos still blooming in my garden.

    love your music.

  3. our weather was perfection yesterday - very spring like as well.

  4. What a dramatic sky! It's amazing, isn't it, how kitty thoughts can just sneak up on you.

  5. i have never seen it. but now i am interested.

    i adore the sky you have placed here.

  6. what a weekend of sky shows from here to there..weather can have such a grip on feelings i think..our dog is thunder storm phobic..it makes life interesting under these clouds

  7. I'm thinking, if that sky came overhead here in Manhattan, that it would block out the little bit of light that fights through the buildings to get to me and it would be nighttime. That's a big sky.

  8. Oh my god, if I saw a dramatic sky like that over my head, I would be in absolute bliss!!!!!
    (there's got to be some deep dark thing in me that I am unaware of, for me to love storms and rain the way I do..I'm a bit afraid to explore that.)

  9. I don't even have the words... you take me right there with you.


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