“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


a little rain yesterday and the puddles were mirrors

the wind was up and the leaves were falling, spinning in circles down the sidewalks, dancing in front of the jeep as i drove, tiny leaves dropping from bone thin trees like snowflakes, swirling, twirling, the world laughing in leaves.  it is laughing in giant yellow catawba chuckles, lyndi's yard across the street beginning to be covered, and it is giggling here and there in oranges and reds.  the fall, she is coming; she is here, in fact, just an east texas fall still mostly green going yellow, a late fall still in the 80s outside, people still in shorts as they wheel strollers down the street.  last year was cooler and i have pictures of trees turned totally red, but this year maggie's blue flowers are still blooming, though there are fewer blossoms each morning. over 6 months now that she's been gone and they still whisper her name. 

a weekend lies ahead and it is empty of obligations and baseball, though both will be back next week, and i feel free.  i have an idea for small paintings but the outside is too irresistible and the jeep is full of gas. there is sunshine on the roads.



  1. it is laughing in giant yellow catawba chuckles... that made me smile, this post made me smile with its carnival of autumn, all fun and giggles and spinning in circles. i hope your day was wonderful.

  2. i hope your weekend, full of freedom, is beautiful....

    and now the love of fall is landing all around you....she really is amazing isn't she ?

    and even here, they are still wearing shorts. only those who have lived in wisconsin forever, though... they have a different kind of blood than the rest of us.


  3. oh you make me smile and cry in the same breath..

  4. it's wonderful to have weekends free of obligations and a tank full of gas.

  5. people still in shorts!!! Wow, not here. We had quite a windstorm on Saturday! Kept the candles burning just in case (the power always goes out on windy nights at my house), and fell asleep to wind chime. It was marvellous.


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