“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


sunday morning's back porch owl - midnight thursday

the stereo that comes on at midnight to tell me i am up too late is on. i should be in bed, but i have this image of sunday morning's back porch owl with his sleepy eyes and sleepy eyes of my own and a desperate yen for words; they should sell packs of them rolled like cigarettes and i would drive through the dark with my sleepy eyes and my sloppy clothes, this shirt that that says texas across the front, and buy a pack, and i would open the pack in the jeep and drive with the windows down, my elbow propped against the night, and i would let the words soothe me, drift over me and out the window and down the road. i would do it with no hesitation, and maybe i would drive out to the airport and park outside the fence and just sit with those words in the peacefulness of nothing and watch the planes come and go. or maybe i would just come back home and sit in the driveway, still in the jeep, and listen for the screech owls in the trees, maybe sunday morning's back porch owl would have a special song for me, but maybe not, maybe i would find a radio station to play soft and low, old country songs my father used to sing to me, or slow slow jazz with a rhythm i could barely follow, and i would hang my arm out into the darkness and keep time with some of those rolled up words i'd bought. maybe i would just stay out there and watch the sky, all the stars gone away, hidden behind a solid bank of clouds; i would prop my head against the car door and stretch out across the back seat and let the night lull me to sleep. maybe i would.


  1. The photograph of the owl is absolutely beautiful. Stunning and magical in fact! And your words, so fitting, so thought provoking. Thank you :)

  2. me too...see you on that road with my rolled up words...a favorite

  3. i'll take a pack of those words, too....i mean if you find any and want to share the extras...

    and "i would" too.....to pretty much everything you said.

  4. The image of the owl is stunning & I am so sweetly enchanted by the idea of packs of words...
    Maybe they'd come in different brands & flavors: Shakepearian~everyday~words in other languages that one loves to hear, just so you could open the pack & have those lovely sounds trickle over you.
    Mmmm. Thanks!

  5. The owl is regal and mysterious.

    I love to watch planes take off and land ... it's been too long.

    Thank you for the poetry this morning.

    (P.S. How weird, the captcha word verification for my comment begins with "hoot").

  6. can you see my big smile? exactly. and what i meant, the other night, with in the quiet, but you said it so much better. so much prettier.
    i want an owl. love.

  7. Just dropping a note to say I always enjoy visiting. Keep up the great work!!

    Common Cents

  8. Well you just answered a question for me. I've asked around here if there are screech owls. For I would put up a nesting box. Maybe I'm too close to Broadway though...

  9. Oh I can feel the slow slow jazz and the night surrounding you. The sounds of that owl and the night would lull me to sleep now. sleep baby sleep.

  10. In that roll of words, I bet you'd find







  11. Oh my, I didn't realize how much I've missed your words until I just came by for a visit. I'll take a pack of your words to go, please.

  12. hummm,,,, yep,,, definitely..thnx, glenn

  13. Oh Debi, I think you are on to something here. You could be wealthy beyond your wildest imagination!
    For, if anyone could sell rolls of words, really good words, words that make you want to say them out loud, it would be you!

    Sigh...and the owls you find. Such mysterious and wonderful creatures..such a gift. This picture looks almost surreal.


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