“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


the slowing down of the day

doesn't always come at the end. today it was lunch, and the back porch at home, and the landlord's cat keeping me company, her belly begging for rubs. it was maggie's blue flowers wet with hurricane rain and the warm, warm heaviness of the air, the dampness of the bench, the sound of pecans dropping onto the ground. it was all that and the sky yellow gray with more rain threatening.

there is a canvas ready and waiting for tonight. the day is slowed early, all other work complete until friday. yesterday's mood has lifted, the craziness gone. today's words are softer and know where they live. 

the skies have opened up.


  1. Oh yes they have! We just got quite the storm here. But then we get more than rain when the skies open up, don't we?

  2. Yes, yes. Some of that same feeling here. Nature feels so clean & mysterious after a storm...

  3. i am getting there, to that point, not yet, but this made me remember that it will happen, that i will get through to that point, the slowing down, the deep breath...

  4. I love that your words are softer today and they know where they live. I hope the skies are raining blessing on you as the open up.

  5. Brenda - On my side of town, it was done the instant I hit publish. :)

    Skye - It feels quiet here this evening, and even slower. Thank goodness.

    Kelly - It will be phone off the hook time for me this weekend - painting will be my companion. I hope it stays slowed down. Hoping it gets to you soon. xo

    Marilyn - Too much thinking in overdrive yesterday. I read yesterday's post and just laugh at how I was all over the place, looking from every direction. Good to have it on record. Thank you!


  6. Your words are paintings in and of themselves. You know?

  7. And the scent of rain...oh the summer scent of rain...

  8. Your writing always calms my soul. Beautiful as usual. xoxo

  9. Our moods shift like the weather. We can pick our favorite moods, or our favorite weather, and we can appreciate them all the more when we are blessed with them, because we can't have them 100% of the time.

  10. oh how i feel that slowing down, TODAY..i think the photo says it all...

    we got 8 inches of rain..a bit of a flood in the family room..it is painted cement but still....

  11. i need a book of your words and images on my nightstand.


    xo, graciel

  12. your words made me slow down and re-read them again so they would slowly be absorbed again. lovely blog!

  13. slowing down, the craziness gone......ohhh to breathe those words.

  14. I feel as though I have been on a speeding train this past week. If I connect myself with nature, I will feel that slowness that I crave, that you speak of. I think I am too absorbed with work and I don't want to be. I want to take the time to notice every moment of this favourite season of mine. I think, coming here today was a reminder to pay attention, that it is a fleeting time. You have given me the motivation to climb my mountain this morning..in the deep fog...oh how I love it when the mountain is wrapped in fog..the trees look so haunting and beautiful. Thank you.


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