“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


the door to september turns out to be blue

and right around the corner. Of course. It's not locked, and autumn is back there. A very early Texas autumn, to be sure, still green for a good while yet, but the air is cooler and our yards are red with robins and green pecans are pebbling the grass and sidewalks and the last long weekend before Thanksgiving is here at last. There is no denying it. Halloween stores are appearing all over town, high school football is in full swing, and my thoughts go past November, Christmas lists already appearing in my head. I remember the heater doesn't work and must be repaired, I wonder when flannel sheets should be laundered, ditto the stacks of unused-since-last-fall white blankets. I admit to fantasies of working at my new (old) table, surrounded by early darkness and art in the making, a fire popping and flickering in the background. I admit to fantasies of Christmas at my house this year, tried once with no great success, but the thought crosses my mind and I don't dismiss it.

But that is far away.
It is not yet labor day.
I can still wear white.


  1. i think on labor day i will wear white....
    just because, you know.

    today i wore scarf....it was cold. sixty two degees with wind. and then i laughed at us saying how cold it was.

    monday it will be eighty again.

    these fall days are like a box of chocolates.

  2. i love color, but have a need for more white in my life, more purity and fresh-canvas living. i will join you in a white t-shirt weekend and tonight i eat white cake. there is a hunk outside your door. please join me.

    just so you know, your comments of late have made me weep. i'm blessed to have found you, blessed to soak in your light. i wish you'd come up here for a truly white christmas. xo

  3. blue and blessed and so very much just like you.

  4. Your words describing the approaching season are very special. My mind is already wandering into fall and the holidays will soon be upon us. Ready or not here we come.

  5. No white for me. I'm all in black and planning to eat red velvet cupcakes to celebrate my son's girlfriend's birthday today and mine on Monday, writing poems sprung from dreams, and wondering what I have to say today that's important enough to add to the universal discourse.

  6. Oh I love the coziness of these words.
    Which is exactly why I love fall so much. The cozy factor.

    And that blue door! How magically delightful! Did you make it blue in photoshop or is it really truly blue? I love it.
    I just begs to be opened...good thing the spaces between the fence panels are just enough to sneak a peek. ;)

  7. yes the seasons are changing and I do have my creamy white flannel sheets on my bed, for though the days are warm and hot, our nights are nearly freezing. I love the creativity of this post and oh what I would do for pecans... gathered off the earth.

  8. You just read my thoughts today - except mine were in the form of a to do list and yours are much more eloquent. I spent part of today flipping through all the new September magazines, including all the Halloween ones. I love that time of year. I'm looking forward to the cooler weather, to bringing out the sweaters and the extra blankets. Thinking, too, of pumpkin spice lattes. Yum!

    PS: Because it is not yet labor day, I wore white today. :)

  9. you know it is not over ..it is just teasing us..I will sit by my open window and look bast your sweet blue door though...happy day to you my friend!!

  10. The blue gate - oh - it just thrills me. I know you understand just what I mean. And autumn. Oh, thank God autumn is nearly here. It thought she'd never arrive.

  11. Today I noticed the fall-colored leaves on my stone waterfall. Just last week, I was seeing only crepe myrtle blooms there. The nights are a little cooler, a bit brisk sometimes. Your words, as usual, are magical. There is now a red memorial flower arrangement stuck in the ground a block away. Where the poor man was killed last week by the speeding vehicle. So sad.

  12. Your words are so beautiful! That blue gate looks really wonderful..it reminds of the movie "The secret garden". I am already looking forward to christmas and thinking of christmas crafts. :) Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  13. So that is your blue gate... as you might have guessed, SF has one too. ;-)

    We are finally getting our Indian Summer, juxtaposed between freezing sheets of fog and wind. Every day is a weather adventure.

    Happy Labor Day! xo


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