“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


if you are lucky enough

you will find the late afternoon summer sun
sneaking through your windows,
slipping between the blinds,
sliding across you as you lay in the land of not-dreaming.
if you are silent and still,
it encircles your wrists with bracelets of august light,
rarer than gold,
fashioned in the heat of the heavens.
it tattoos your thighs with white stripes,
growing warmer as it drops in the sky outside,
that outside secret sky,
growing warmer as it moves across your welcoming belly
as it finds your ear and softly whispers a daytime lullaby.

if you are lucky enough,
it will at last rest on the cotton sheet covering your chest,
then begin its dance
with the shadows of the wind in the trees behind the windows,
sparkling, glittering, twirling across you,
sunshine, shadow, sunshine, sunbeam, shadow, flit, flicker.
summer fairy lights on a lazy afternoon.

if you are lucky enough,
the afternoon is filled with butterflies you cannot catch,
those august butterflies just out of reach,
their wings kissing your fingertips goodbye as they pass.


  1. you are lucky enough and this is brilliant.

    xoxo and love to you,

  2. Serenity seeping into my pores reading this.

  3. OK I gotta ask - have you published your writing? You have a glorious, stunningly beautiful way with words and I feel truly blessed every time I stop by.

  4. i feel lucky to have stopped here for a visit..amid the white soft light of a hot August day..you captured it...

  5. bracelets of august light...i shall always remember that line.
    i think this may be my favorite piece of yours ever, this was perfect, every word, every phrase, every bit of light and shadow.

  6. pure poetry - love this

    i love a good nap on my bed in the late afternoon sunlight - if i'm lucky, and get home from work on time, i lie across my bed and the sun comes in just right - melting the stress of the day away.

  7. Hello from Canada. Deborah, you are an awesome writer. I could practically smell the blossoms and feel the crunchy leaves under my feet as you wrote about the outdoors in your article published Summer 2010 of the Somerset Life. Sandra

  8. Love this. I spent an afternoon in the hammock today. Sloane came out and snuggled with me. As we sways back and forth in the heat an orange butterfly dive bombed our heads again and again.

  9. your writing sings. i feel lucky because i stopped here... and i felt the light ...

  10. Graciel - xoxo

    Skye - Hope the serenity you feel is as good as the serenity I felt while in that land of not-dreaming. :)

    Pamela - Bless you! I have not been published in books or a book, but have been honored to be a part of the magazines you see on my sidebar. A couple more coming this year. Thank you so much for believing!

    Elaine - You know this sun that keeps us in after it rises in the sky, venturing out when it begins to drag the heat down with it at the end of the day. At 10 something last night, it was still in the 80s, the humid 80s. I am trying to learn to love August. LOL! xoxo

    Kelly - !! Thank you! I admit that I thought of you when I typed that phrase. :) LOL! You would have laughed - I could see my arm & hand in the mirror as the sun bejeweled me and I turned my wrist this way & that, admiring those bracelets. xoxo

    Leslye - I thought about what you said as I wrote this - it has to be that perfect time of day. If you are lucky enough, I almost said, you are there at that time. So glad to hear you are lucky enough. Thank you!

    Sandra - Thank you for visiting, and thank you for the kind words. I sometimes forget the magazine is still out there. It has been a while since I wrote the article. We are now in that time betwixt flowers & leaves, all green, all sun. Autumn comes late here and it will be a while before the fall leaves actually fall, although the wind has been knocking green pecans from the trees. Right now we are walking on those - LOL! Again, thank you!!

    Relyn - I loved that image you painted. We are suddenly in/on butterfly time; I have paid so little attention before & have no way to know if they are always here in August. I assume so - LOL!

    Emily - Thank you for that, thank you. (I had to write - the words were filling up in me!) xo

    :) Debi

  11. I feel quite lucky just to read your words and look at your gorgeous photos. Always a delight! There a tiny little white butterflies flitting about here these past few weeks, and I have been so amazed at them without even thinking about why. Your words say that for me.

  12. dang....maybe i'm unlucky.
    i had an august butterfly land right on my neck last week....sweet hubby even got a photo of it....

    but i didn't actually catch it, so maybe i'm okay :)

  13. Amy - oooooh, that sounds like delight! Are there lots of them? I am imagining myself standing in their midst. (If a midst does not exist, please do not disillusion me. I am having too good a time - LOL!) xoxo

    Beth - you are more than okay. :) i think if they let you catch them, you really haven't; they've just allowed it. like cats. :) besides, your birthday was near - it was a gift.

  14. yes, august brings the sweet butterflies. they spread the love, before september calls them, back home.
    deep sigh for the beauty here.

  15. This is simply beautiful. And you are truly gifted. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  16. Love this and love your blog

    Staying up way to late to blog hop tonight....Love it!
    Hope you will stop by for a visit...I am giving away lots of GIFTS this week on both blogs....to celebrate

  17. Christina - of course you would know about the butterflies. I bet you have extras at your lovely home - all those gorgeous flowers calling them. xoxo thank you!

    Barbara - Bless you! And thank you for such kindness. :)

    Teresa - Blog hopping is one of my favorite things; there are so many fabulous places to visit! Thank you for hopping my way!!


  18. Marvelous poem. And I can't believe you got that shot with a mobile phone camera!

  19. If we are lucky enough we will find you here and dream lazy afternoon dreams with you.

  20. Yes, yes...an afternoon filled with butterflies I could not catch, scents on the breeze I could not identify, songs I could not quite remember...sometimes we must stop trying to grasp and just enjoy.

  21. That was simply stunningly beautiful. wow.

  22. Julie sent me over. Absolutely LOVE your artwork and photos. And what a dreamy poem on this post. Just wonderful...

  23. Meri - I love the imperfection of my cell phone pix. You would laugh to see me with it. And it's not an iPhone!! I think I'm the only non-iPhone user left. :)

    Marilyn - Thank you so much. I count myself lucky to find you all here with me. I love those lazy afternoons too! LOL!

    Deborah - Your afternoon sounds pretty wonderful. I love catching bits of songs in the air, songs I hear just a line or two of, songs that are gone with the car next to me when the light changes - something that is sadly mostly gone now that all cars have a/c (although thank goodness for that!) and the songs i do hear are just nothing but bass thumpings way too loud. Okay, I'll hush now. :)

    Rochelle - :) Muchas gracias!

    AphotoAday - Julie is the best. Thank you so much. (I tell myself I can post a photo a day, but I haven't managed it yet in 2-1/2 yrs. here. I'm amazed and impressed by those of you who can & do!)


  24. You have a special way with words,fashioning delightful and enchanting visions in our eyes...
    I'm so glad I found your poetry, and I know exactly how you're feeling missing Maggie, I too lost my long-time companion Georgie my Ginger hobo in June. Heartfelt hugs to you.

  25. Divine.
    This is simply divine.

    I want to read this post over and over again.
    And probably come back to your blog and read it again.

    Absolute perfection. xo


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