“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


weekend, heat, re-learning my space

even the shade is hot out there, which i discovered this morning when i watered my blue flowers; they haven't needed out-of-the-hose water for a few days, it's been rainy and their little blue faces and arms have been outstretched and they've been delighted to bathe in real falling-from-the-sky drops of water. i'm sure they feel and smell the difference, they've been looking pretty smug and content, but this morning they just had that look, their thirsty blue faces turned toward me on the other side of the kitchen window, and they weren't kidding. it was hot already and sticky muggy sticky, the feel of rainy air not yet gone, but soon, soon, and late this afternoon, well goodness. summah-time, summah-time. hot-sitting with lily cat out back of the business, the heat smashing into me from the pavement, the sun blaring all loud and blinding from overhead, 30 minutes was all i could do. 15 minutes pointed left, 15 minutes looking right, my left shoulder feeling like perhaps it got more than its share, still burning as i sit here hours later. i love it.

this weekend was green grapes and mexican breakfasts with avocados, raspberry sorbet for supper, the rain coming down outside, and anne of green gables for dessert. it was and is cherries and home grown tomatoes in the fridge, and baskets of strawberries and kit-kat candy bars. it is a bed with clean white ruffled sheets awaiting me tonight, and laundry mostly done, those small loads i put off, the delicate loads, the 3 or 4 white paper thin t-shirts, the 3 or 4 blue skirts & bathing suits, the linen shirt. it is the sound of cicadas at last, so loud i hear them through closed doors and over the a/c, a sound i admit feels lonesome, reminding me of last year sitting with maggie in the night. the house still feels empty and it's almost 3 months since she died, and though i try to find ways to fill her space, there aren't any; i will just learn this new space, and i am at last easy with that knowledge.

the darkness falls, it is almost 9, and i am back to my old habit of the tv on, sound off, but vicky cristina barcelona is on once again, so the sound has just been turned up; it is a movie that makes me smile, and, after all, it is about summah-time and love. i have closed the blinds against the evening heat and will pour some milk over strawberries and cereal. the strawberries look like hearts.


  1. A lovely description of a summer day and with kit-kats too.

  2. Your photos make me feel so sad. ..those simple colors are really touchable

  3. perfect,love-every-word, classic debi-style description of the best of summer. make that summah.

    have i told you lately how gifted you are? writing and pictures, baby, sure are your thing. i need you to put together a book so i can carry around your ideas and thoughts and talents when i'm needing some comfort. can you work on that for me??


  4. even for a moment, i wish i could see the world through your eyes..love the picture. it spoke to me of who you are and how you feel when you took it. thank you for sharing.

  5. heart shape, heart shape, they keep showing up along your path...
    it rained here Friday, before that even the trees looked hot, everything so dry and thirsty and parched and crackly. They say this week will be the same, again. A real summer this year, one filled with heat and sweat and languid moments. Ya gotta love that.

  6. can i just say, i loved that movie and have seen it twice...nobody else i know seemed to get it like i do. wrong....now i see you do, too :)

  7. Marilyn - Kit Kats. They were much needed! :)

    Hele - I always forget you are in opposite seasons - I will try to find some heat to send your way. brrrrr . . . .

    Graciel - You made me tear up; I am such a wuss lately. I feel so struggling with words, Unravelling always makes me question more and go inside myself more and that takes a while to move past, while keeping it - you know? My idea right now is summah and doing nothing. LOL! xoxo

    Moonshin - That picture. I thoight it loooked like such coolness and then realized it still looked like hot. It just is hot. No way around it. xoxo

    Kelly - Is that you peeking back at me? You look like that actress from China Beach a few years ago. Lovely! Heart shapes are showing up everywhere. Ther is a sideways heart rock right outside the door - I'll take a picture. I can use it. It is hotter here this week. Almost August, when the heat really settles in. I want the heat to bake the achiness from my heart and body. xxx

    Beth - Everyone I know thinks it's a bad chick flick, but I don't care. I just want his house. LOL! It is wonderful!!!

    Thank you and xoxox to you all, even the lawyer spam. ;)


  8. Your words are always so poetic. I'm glad someone loves the heat. I've one hot flash too many for summer time love.

  9. Oh my, you are making me miss Texas and summer so very much. I know exactly what you mean about that sticky heat, and the bright heat that it too much but is also still so good. It is *cold* here in Spokane today... We continue to see summer as only brief, random patches amid endless gloomy skies and low temperatures, winter having never really left. But you make me feel warm.

  10. Now here's the deal: When it gets so hot that you just can't bear to be outside anymore, I want you to stay inside where it's nice and cool, pour yourself an iced tea, sit in front of your computer and write a book. That's it. Just one book of gorgeous settings and scenes and the descriptions of weather and the thoughts of blue flowers and... Or if working in the heat does the trick, pour yourself an iced tea, sit amongst those blue flowers who would love your company, especially if you brought along a hose, and write out that book idea on paper. Okay?

  11. the strawberries look like hearts

    You always end with an image that leaves me smiling. I love it. I love you.

  12. I haven't seen this movie...but I just watched the preview, and bad chic flic or not, it is JUST what I need right now...something light..a perfect escape from the endless hours of photo editing work I am drowning in.
    Perfect..thank you.


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