“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Sky as Life

Sky as life.
Blue sky, rain clouds, sunshine, big fluffy white clouds.
All together.
Just like life.

I drove through rain this fabulously long 4 day weekend, rain with no visibility, rain that made me wonder what on earth I was doing on the highway, rain that brought the ducks out of the lake and onto the muddy puddles in driveways and yards. Rain, y'all. Friday's rain was rain that wouldn't stop, rain that took away all boating possibilities and kept us inside. Rain that, when I was driving back home, began to disappear, just showers here and there, and rain that was full of birds. A blackbird swooped in front of my Jeep, barely able to fly, the rain absolutely pummeling him, and later, birds dodging the rain drops, slipping sideways through the wet. Lots of birds sheltering under overpasses, flittering back & forth past the traffic.

By Sunday there were blue skies and boat rides and fireworks and dancing the chacha and all of us singing along with John Mellencamp - changes come around real soon, make us women and men; the rain was still up there in the clouds, but it was yesterday when I drove through it once again. Yesterday's rain was the kind you see in the distance, just raining over here and a bit over there, a gray curtain falling from gray clouds in a sky mostly full of white and blue blue blue. I watched it grow closer, watched rainclouds scuttle by to the east; as the highway curved I would suddenly be driving into sunshine and then another curve and suddenly into rain, and once again, rain with no visibility, hard rain, but short lived, quickly back onto roads barely wet and into town, back home again.

Just like life.
Sometimes it pours, they say.
Sometimes you just miss it.
Sometimes you pray for it and it doesn't come.
Usually it's all there jumbled up together,
All those different clouds.
Blue skies.
I want to take lessons from those birds
and keep flying anyway.


  1. me, too, darlin'. me, too.

    and flying through a rainbow once in a while wouldn't be half bad. ;)

    xo, graciel

  2. You do fly, with wings of words.

    It hasn't rained here since the night my basement flooded, but it's hot, so hot...I think today I have to break down and water my garden, poor babies are wilting out there.

    But you never know, it might just rain. That's life.

  3. i agree....i'm not letting the weather stop me from doing anything....or going anywhere.

  4. yes ..in JULY even...crazy
    weather ...such a teacher if we listen and look!!

  5. Hey there. . . maybe I missed you blogging about it, but I found the article about your blog when I bought the new Somerset mag to see Sperlygirl's feature. There you were, too! I know some talented women!

  6. Meri - I gave away my copy of the mag & had to buy a new one to photo. LOL! It will be the next post up! :)

  7. Dance naked in the rain...you'll never be the same.

  8. Well, I can't agree with you more! Yes, sometimes it just pours...but then the sun always seems to come out right? Yup, it sure does!!!


  9. mmhmm, me too. i want to learn from the birds... and you, my dear friend.

  10. keep flying anyway. yes. cool photo - such contrast.

  11. Yes. Keep flying anyway. There's a life lesson to keep close.
    I'm secretly wishing for rain...I miss my rainy days. I would just like one day. Then the sun can come back.


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