“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


i know the heat by its first name

i saw a truck today, an 18-wheeler, actually 2 of them, and they were hauling stardust, it said so right there on their trucks, and i thought aha, so that's how it gets here, and i wondered if it was all gonna stay here, it seemed like a lot, and i wondered what would happen if there was a wreck on the highway and someone crashed into a truck full of stardust, would everyone be okay, i mean it being stardust and all and being tossed into the air and falling all over everyone and all the cars and i figured if i was gonna be in an accident, an accident with a truck full of stardust seemed like the absolute best way to go. and then i wondered if maybe the stardust was headed to a 4th of july celebration somewhere, and how fabulous would that be? sparklers and fireworks are pretty wonderful all by themselves, but just imagine if stardust was thrown into the mix, and i kinda wished i was headed to that imaginary party, but no invitation was in the mail, so i will stay here and sparklers will be more than fine, but i waved byebye to those trucks with a bit of envy in my heart, envy and wishes that i was going where they were going.

i was gonna go somewhere, somewhere on the ocean, but there's a hurricane out there stirring up rain, and well, i can stay here and see the rain, although rain can't possibly be the same everywhere and maybe rain next to the ocean is so totally different than rain across the pine trees and the blooming rose of sharon across the street that i should go anyway, but it's a long drive and i was going alone, just because i wanted to go, and the ever-wonderful michael made me promise to let him know if i took off (as if i wouldn't) but those hours alone in the rain just sound too blue and sad and it was the sunshine on the beach i was after in the first place, so i waved byebye to that idea just like i waved byebye to those stardust trucks, with wishes in my heart that i was headed to a blue-skied, sun-covered ocean.
i will stay here instead, where the dancing shadows of leaves fall on creeks and into the shallower parts of lakes, where i know the heat by its first name, where crepe myrtle blossoms are drizzled across cars and floating in muddy puddles in the streets, where the foamy top of a grape soda is dessert and supper. there is stardust on the roads leading out of town, but i will stay. and namaste.


  1. i ordered stardust. i hope it is headed in my direction ;)

  2. I just love your writing... I feel like I went on a little journey with you today. Hope the rains don't last long and that you get blue skies. xoxo

  3. Can't you just see it floating down over the highway in a giant cloud? people driving for miles in all directions would ask "what was that?" people it touched would feel suddenly different, although most would never guess why...
    Sorry that sunshine is not shining down on you, although sometimes those times when you plan one thing and end up with something else turn into really, really good days...

  4. this is one of my favorite posts EVER !
    were those trucks heading north...towards wisconsin ?
    well you see, i ordered stardust years ago and it never showed up and well, maybe just maybe, the order got lost and NOW it's finally on its way......

    i'll get my stardust basket all ready, just in case they have my delivery with them.....

    sometimes broken plans end up making for the most delicious of weekends....

  5. I know the heart by its first name...
    Thank you. I needed to hear this today!!

  6. as always, i love your writing - this post especially so.
    wishing you blue sky days and stardusted nights

  7. I was just dropping in to wish you and yours the happiest Independence Day. May your day be full! May you enjoy laughter shared with family, great food shared with friends, fireworks to make you gasp, a lump in your throat at the anthem, and a full and grateful heart at all we have been given. Happy Fourth of July, my friend!

  8. How absolutely wonderful is that? A truck full of stardust. The child in you has come out to play.


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