“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan



or only facebook-worthy?

she's already on facebook; i couldn't resist.
that stare, that don't you dare look.
i had to show someone,
and it seemed not deep enough
(how that will make you all laugh),
not angsty enough for blog-worthiness.
if i post her again here,
she will be double-dipping facebook
when the post shows up there.
not a big concern for me.
the blog's the thing.

but how do you decide?
how do you know?
(perhaps here comes the angst.)
perhaps the reason i am giving august-break a try.
see here, i will say in august,
a picture for your viewing enjoyment,
and a few words,
just a few that are tap-dancing
on my fingertips
and must be expressed.

how do you know?
besides the obvious, i mean,
the obvious being photoshopped stuff,
played with stuff.
textures galore.
other than that?
how do you know?
snapshots = facebook?
all others = blog?

there is a story here in this image.
the protagonist is lily cat,
the antagonist a huge mound of yellow packing paper
that's been on the floor of the front room
here at work
for 2 weeks now.
or perhaps that is backwards.
lily cat = antagonist,
paper = protagonist,
because she will not let me take it away.
it is a playhouse,
a hidey hole
that rustles and crinkles too much
to be a good hidey hole.
but we pretend we don't know she's there
and she springs at us,
then races down the hall and back,
back into, under, and amongst all that paper.
she doesn't know it yet, but i have more,
boxes yet unpacked keeping a secret.



  1. Oh, I m pretty certain that you could make anything blog-worthy, the way you tell a story is always beautiful and interesting and this is such a stunning photo. You get to make up your own blog rules, so why not?
    Besides, someday, the lines between facebook and blogs will become all blurred and there will be something new, slightly different, that both things have morphed into...

  2. Thank you Mrs. M. And I think you're right - something that's not Myspace though - LOL!

    I just really laugh when I see this image - it is so Lily! And there are claws under that paper. :)

  3. Yes, blog worthy. Oh my Joey would love that pile of papers on your floor. I do end up sharing his picture occasionally on my blog. Some days he just cracks me up. Love the look your lily is giving you.

  4. Oh yes absolutely. I love seeing it twice!

  5. I love seeing twice also & it makes me laugh, laugh, to think of her~thinking she's being all sly in her it's-so-cool-I'm sure-you-can't-hear-this-crinkly-sound hidey hole!!!
    And that LOOK!!
    What a punkin!!

  6. Very much blog worthy! I love cats and love to hear your stories. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Hell yeah! Your kitties are part of who you are and who you are is what we want!

  8. i agree with with mrs. m.....

    anything you have/write/do seems to be blog worthy to us......

    and the photo...priceless

  9. Always blog-worthy! Your Lily is so beautiful, and it makes me smile to see her once, twice, as many times as you like.

  10. she has some expression ~ wow! ..you could link up to pet parade on the blog in the morning and she would join my blog...Casey and sam will be waiting!!

    I am still figuring out FB I know late to every party!!

  11. U bet!!!! Life is too short for all that angst, that's what I say! If you want to do it, just do it! Life's too short to get wrapped up in second guessing everything. really!
    What a fun image, though of Lilly with the paper.

  12. Definitely blog worthy and FB worthy.

  13. Oh my God, that is too funny.

    I looked at that expression and thought for sure that she was staring you down because you surrounded her with krinkly paper and she would rather be anywhere else.
    Turns out, it was the complete opposite! Ha!


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