“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


shadows and flowers and things that go away

spring disappears
and i walk on shadows,
the summer sun painting them under my feet,
across my legs,
splashing my face -
heart shape,
heart shape,
heart shape,

if they are big enough i call them shade
and stop a moment to rest,
let them bathe me with their coolness.
rain today disappeared the shadows
and delayed the heat until afternoon,
the humidity a warm surprise when i left work
and headed home,
the shadows already asleep for the night.

mary's yard has lost the white camellia bush
that stood guard at her bedroom window,
or was it an azalea bush?
it stood at the corner across from bob the cat's grave
and was lost to a falling tree,
the house barely missed,
but more flowers gone,
more mary gone.

i don't know why i thought of that,
or perhaps i do,
those scattered petals across the yard
now not even shadows of petals,
all gone, all gone.

last night i missed lily cat
when i was home and snuggled in bed,
book beside me,
but she still at work.
heart shape,
heart shape,
heart shape.
across my heart.
i am opening up.


  1. Love that you are opening up; heart shape, heart shape, smile sweet...

  2. sweet photo such a gorgeous pic. Love your prose.

  3. heart shaped....they're everywhere when we stop to look....and with you opening up, obviously your eyes are wide open....along with your own beating heart.

  4. So lovely. 'Everything speaks,' I once wrote in a poem, 'if only in ways I cannot hear.' You hear the language of shadow and flower petal and empty spaces, and they tell you beautiful, healing things. This is a rare thing--you are blessed, and as someone who is able to hear those things only once in a while, it is a privilege to listen in on what they say to you.

  5. Did I tell you my eleven year old cat Bonnie disappeared a little over a month ago? I still remember when Mary died. The feelings it brought up in you. You still mourn her. She must have been special. On this side of town the rats are gone, thank goodness.

  6. You are opening up, and your heart, quite clearly, has a beautiful, beautiful shape.

  7. You speak so eloquently of change. It is a thread that connects almost every post. It tears at my heart that always wants to hang on..to not let go.


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