“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


reading in the rain

rain today all day.

and my computer broke. a slow soft quitting, just swwwwssssss and that was it and as it turned out that was it and it will be monday before a new one replaces her and i have all my images and programs back.

i had this rainy day taqueria image tucked back in the blog's back closets, and it's kinda funny cause it's a rainy day all right but pretty soft and slow y lindo in its own way. 2 weeks ago a lost computer would have been stress, but today it meant freedom and book buying and sprawling on the couch in the front room with Lily cat and the new book, the ever-wonderful Michael at his desk with his new book, able to do a few things on his computer, but mine being the mama from whence all things flow, he too was forced to slow down. so it rained and we read and Lily cat slept and purred and snuggled against my bare toes and kept them warm.

i take signs from the universe seriously.
i'll be back on monday if i can figure out the new computer.
tuesday if takes an extra day.


  1. your attitude....and taking signs from the universe have amazed me just now....i adore that about you.

  2. yes, a blessing, this day. I am in dire need of a rainy book reading day right now, but maybe I am just running two weeks behind you...

  3. It's like when the power goes out. Forces you to slow down...light some candles, read a book, listen to the silence...guilt free.
    Why does it take something out of our control to bring us to this state of peacefulness? Why don't we do this for ourselves, just because??

  4. a weekend without a computer...now there's something to think about!! but probably it's been a good thing, and time to read, think about other things...time away from that funny old screen that keeps us so glued all the time. i hope you enjoyed it :) - what book are you reading? e

  5. I love that you just roll with it. That you don't get rattled and upset, just roll. I'm working on that.


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