“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


The Sweetness of Fortune Cookies

It is late, almost 11, I am listening to the dryer, waiting on warm blankets, then a shower to wash away this long day. Hot water. Warm blankets. Clean sheets. Clean body. Pink carnations by the bed, a book almost finished and waiting for me.

Supper tonight was toast and a coke, the coke not finished, a bad habit of mine, and I am wishing I'd not thrown out the fortune cookies that came with lunch, although they aren't really fortune cookies, they are just cookies with quotes in them. I want cookies that tell my future; they taste the same I suppose, although surely, surely the ones with fortunes taste sweeter, linger on your tongue a bit longer. Surely.

Did I tell you Sunday was an afternoon in the country, hours spent at a friend's house, a walk through the woods, all the flowering trees no longer abloom? Mardi Gras beads blowing in the breeze, the ones above next to some silver sage? Texas sage? Did I mention that? There is nothing to tell really, just time spent peacefully, dogs in the creek, silly conversation. A Sunday afternoon. Nothing more.

I just found one of the fortune cookies.
And it is a fortune:
"Many new friends will be attracted
to your friendly and charming ways."

Which just makes me laugh
until I look on the other side.
His, it reads.
That makes sense.
He is a charmer.

Blankets are done.
I will shower,
and have the cookie later.
I will check its sweetness.


  1. You're writing is so incredibly beautiful and inspiring...I miss our conversations. I know that you have found your way! Now, something needs to direct mine.

  2. Oh! I love fortune cookies! When I like the fortune, I keep it. When I don't like the fortune, I put it in the rejection bowl. I'm pretty sure the universe doesn't mind a little help with the future. :-)

  3. Oh, but you are friendly, and so charming. Your words weave and sing and always rise above...I love your photo, the stories it whispers, all on its own.
    Sweet dreams to you, sweet dreams.

  4. i believe the fortune was meant for you - you are my new friend because you are charming and friendly .

  5. i love your charming ways even if he's the charmer of your heart :)

  6. I'd say you are quite the charmer... =)

  7. His? Cookies with fortunes for a guy? What if there's no guy in the house?

  8. Coke and toast for supper! That's a first for me! It was hard to move past that once I read it!

  9. ah the beads and sage... felt the breeze in this writing..soft and gentle

  10. Afternoons with friends, dogs in a creek, the promise of sweeter cookies some day soon... perfection.

  11. I think the sounds of the dryer are so soothing. Must be a childhood thing...knowing that you are being taken care of...your clothes are being cleaned, and pretty soon you can open the dryer door and wrap yourself in that warmth. Oh I love that.


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