“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan



we rode the backroads, the oil tops, the paved roads, drove past cows in the forests of east texas, and when once we stopped to take pictures on a deserted road overhung with trees, i smelled a sweetness in the air and turned to find wild honeysuckle nestled amongst the undergrowth. we drove from small country farms to spacious ranchland, the roadsides filled with wildflowers and sunshine and the quiet of sunday afternoon. she bought raw milk and free range eggs and cream peas and i walked to the fence line, land stretching away, away, away, bluest of skies overhead, green as far as i could see, soft rolling hills, yellow stripes of flowers and i breathed. deep. i took pictures of it all and the cow & calf above, and we stopped at an old cemetery on the way back; she climbed the fence to read the tombstones to me. born september 1880, died october 1881. old tombstones of babies and young men, civil war soldiers who survived the war but not the peace, confederate flags marking their graves. the wind was in our hair, the sun was on our skin, and we followed unknown roads to more old cemeteries, roads that looped in circles back onto the main road, which was not a main road at all, but it was our main road and we followed it home.


  1. The scent of honeysuckle is intoxicating right now. Deeeeeep breaths... heady stuff.

  2. we take the back roads every weekend and i know they will be always be one of my most cherished memories....

    but oh honeysuckle....our rides usually smell like manure :).....it is wisconsin you know :)

  3. What a lovely day!!
    I love old graveyards also; the history, the humanity, the quietness
    of places most have forgotten about...

  4. A wonderful journey...
    "civil war soldiers who survived the war but not the peace"...there is a cemetery near my parent's house where a friend of mine is buried, and he is right next to the civil war graves, and I always think the same sort of thing, but you said it much better.
    Peace, to you.

  5. sounds like a delightful day. i love the back roads best of all.

  6. you. write. awesome. ly.

    back roads rule. ;)

  7. I love, love finding an old cemetery and reading the tombstones. Traveling through the countryside can bring so much pleasure.

  8. it is what life is made of ..the back roads..i enjoyed the ride with you ...

    what must the cow be thinking?:))

  9. Oh, I am traveling with you along side of your words. I can feel the cooling breezes.

  10. i cannot even tell you how much i wanted to be there... i felt happy when i read this on sunday, knowing that you got out of the house and saw something inspiring and different than the no images that were stuck in your mind.
    a cow. i love cows. they mooooo!

  11. Oh...an oasis...a tiny space for you to escape the heaviness for a little while. Open air and soft scents, beautiful landscapes. Nature is the ultimate comforter and healer.


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