“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


some words about not much

these treetops looked like lace against the sky; i was pulling out of the drive at work last week and the sun was beginning to fall away from the clouds and i just pointed my camera and shot. and there you go, that's how things are done, the very best things, you don't think too hard, you just go with your heart, and yes, yes, i know it's not art, it's not this and it's not that, but there is just all that empty-but-full sky which is how i feel lately, and later i realized it reminded me of a skirt i own and love, and well, it just works for me, and so there you go. it's not a shot that was there today, today was full of sunshine all the way to dark, and when i pulled out of the very same drive at an even later time, my sunglasses were just not enough and i had to shade my eyes with my hand to even partly see the street. and that means summer is coming. that and the 90 degrees we've had for a couple of days in a row, which i admit makes me pretty happy, it's felt for so long like warm weather would never get here. it will be cooler tomorrow and will feel more springlike, but in truth and though there are several weeks left, i feel as if i've missed spring somehow, feel as if may is signaling summer early.

but i am here and i am in the same spot, on the couch with the tv on, sound off, feet up, the computer growing hot on my lap and the night is outside and silence is inside, keeping me company. i dreamed of maggie a couple of nights ago and last night i awakened to her meows, my heart beating so fast for a moment, unable to pull out of another dream, and just when i thought i was awake, she meowed again, and i knew i was asleep, dreaming of being awakened by her.

at least i think i was.
perhaps a maggie ghost stood at the foot of the bed.
i fell back asleep with no worries;
perhaps that was her purpose.
i like that.
it works for me.


  1. I like that too.

    I believe.

    She came to visit.

  2. Yes, that is how the very best things are done. With heart.
    And Maggie, yes, she came to tell you that she is okay, and to make sure that you are, too.

    A line I like from a Counting Crows song:
    "If dreams are like movies, then memories are films about ghosts."

    She is watching over you.

  3. ...the dream within a dream & Maggie there in all of them.
    Feels right & perfect; love is just that way.

  4. You have stirred so many things within me with this post... I am sitting here, stunned to tears by the beautiful simplicity and the memories.

    It was five years after my father's death that I woke up one night, distinctly having heard his voice call my name. That was all there was to it, but his voice was so utterly real and near to me that I swear it was no dream.

    And the night LiliannaLu (my rabbit) died, how my cat Janson spent the night in bed with me--which he never does--watching over her cage. I woke up to him spontaneously playing among the sheets, and then he suddenly stopped and left the room. When I got up, I found Lili had died. I still believe that Janson knew that she would be leaving that night, and that when he woke me up, he was actually playing with her one last time as her spirit departed.

    I am so glad your Maggie visited you, whether in dreams or reality.

  5. oh yes, i think she came for a visit.
    love love

  6. the lace filled sky with your lacy skirt...just so real... The dreams are so real too

  7. just visited your "skirt" link, and left a comment there.

  8. i really like your lace tree image and i do believe Maggie visited to comfort you.

  9. I grin at our differences and love them. You with the tv on and sound off. Me with the sound on, but the picture hidden in one of my many computer windows. Both of us sky watching and gathering beauty where we can.

  10. I don't think she ever left.


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