“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Somerset Life

so happy
so pleased
so excited

it's heeeeeeeere!!
i finally got my hands on it yesterday -
you don't want to hear my tearful
lost-in-the-mail sob stories;
i was quite pathetic.

it's the spring issue of somerset life,
and the first of 3 articles
i'm writing
as the Authentic Living guest columnist.
all are about a sense of place,
and this one, as you can see,
is about my home,
mi casa imperfecta.
it is muy imperfecta this evening.

this issue & idea began with jenny doh
before she moved on to CRESCENDOh.
It was then picked up
beautifully carried the rest of the way
by stampington's new editor-in-chief,
both incredible women,
both believing in me
& putting up with my emails & questions,
and i cannot thank either of them enough.
in addition, i want to thank all of y'all ~
you also believe in me.

the magazine is full of incredible women,
(i am honored to be featured with them),
gorgeous how-tos,
3 blogs with a view,
eye candy just perfect your easter basket!

can you feel me dancing a happy dance here?
cause I am.
yes i am


  1. So, so incredibly proud of you!!!

  2. I'll dance with you, k ?
    congratulations friend.....you deserve to be published for the world to see and feel what you share with us...

  3. One word. Yes! Yes! Yes! (or is that three? :-)xo

  4. How wonderful! Big congratulations and well done.

  5. I am dancing with you, yahoo! Congrats it looks absolutely beautiful. I'll be looking for my copy tomorrow.

  6. yes, I can feel you dancing, I can hear you dancing and I can't wait to find myself a copy...perhaps the easter bunny came by for a little visit after all...that is wonderful!

  7. D~ I read your article out loud last night to my honey as he cooked us dinner, he stopped, listened to every word and said "she writes just like you think". I have very much enjoyed finding you and look forward to reading so much more. Congratulations on being in Somerset Life, it is an inspiring publication... I see many happy dances in the future!~Jacque

  8. bustin' my buttons up here in buffalo. proud, proud, proud. of you. and your talent. and your cuteness.

    i may need my copy autographed, ya know.


  9. you amaze me . i am glad that you have been recognized in this wonderful way . i am not surprised. just beaming!

  10. Congrats, Debi! Now I need to remember to go buy a copy! =) Yes, do you autograph??


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