“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Not Yet

I want a bed with taller legs.
I want to see the sunshine skitter across the floor beneath it,
I want to feel the moonlight cradle me as I sleep.

I bought a blue bowl to hold my emptiness.
It is full and I am still empty.
Not yet the poem I long to be.


  1. it is a magical looking blue bowl..
    there really is a something wonderful about being "cradled"

  2. Years ago, many years ago, I wrote a poem about the giving bowl, how it fills up with tears until it overflows and empties itself out again. And there it is in your hand, the giving bowl.
    And I hope it is healing you, if only a tiny bit, as it cradles your emptiness. And when it has spilled over, I hope you can refill it again, except this time with a tiny smile.

  3. But it does create great images. I like it.

  4. Oh yes...a magical blue bowl. Such beautiful words you write Debi.

  5. ..becoming the poem you long to be, filled with such beauty & grace...

  6. ~not yet the poem you long to be.....oh debi !

    and i don't have a bowl, mines a basket with the same feelings....somedays.

  7. May your cup overflow soon with joy and happiness!

  8. this bowl is so exquisite

    like the moon, yes

    if there is emptiness

    what a gift

    knowing that it has space to
    be filled to overflowing


  9. perfect.

    some day i want to write like you.

  10. I've never been a poetry lover. Mostly I don't understand it. But sometimes your poetry will capture my attention. This was one. xo

    I'm missing Maggie and I didn't even know her...

  11. What dreams may come.
    Are we ever the poem
    we long to be?
    What then,
    would we wish for?

  12. Oh, yes you are a poem. It's just that your stanzas are slow and sad right now.

  13. Sigh..these words and this picture are so amazing. You can express so much with so little.
    Love this.


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