“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Morning Pages w/Flowers

Just a neighborhood shot, I wanted something more cheerful this morning; I was up early early (4:20) to work, belly feeling kind of bad, knowing things needed to be delivered today, wanting to get those done, then back home at 6 and back to bed for sleep, wonderful sleep. Awake again at 9:30, belly better but still tense, which says to me to never eat without joy and gratitude for the food in front of me. Lesson learned. The wind is up outside, the yard is full of birds, and did I mention I saw a bluebird this weekend? The first I've seen since I was a child, they almost disappeared from around here, but have been coming back, and one landed right in front of my open door on Saturday. I hope he comes back but if not, it was still a gift and made me quite happy.

The ticking of the clock is another gift, the sound soft and muted. It is a small white battery operated clock, I have had it for years, analog, I always buy analog, always buy battery operated, always buy small and always buy white; I am not a clock person and think time should just linger in the background, just a subtle reminder. I once knew a woman who owned a digital clock that projected the time in large bright green numbers onto her bedroom ceiling and I was, I admit, quite horrified, could not (and cannot) imagine seeing those horrible numbers staring down at me each time I awakened in the night.

The overcast day awaits, this barely-there clock ticking the minutes away. The curbs are filled with yellow pollen and wisteria blossoms, that wisteria hanging heavy in the humidity, and the azaleas are blooming at last. The yellow climbing roses across the street have climbed into a tree and are making their way quickly up its branches; no one has stopped them and I assume this means we will have a rose tree next spring.

And there are blue bees in Katie's house.
Very bright.
Very blue.
The neighborhood enchantment.
i'll be back


  1. always always white and analogue ..yes! your description of the overcast day will now sit with me as i go...a poem from a friend

  2. a bluebird..we had a pair here, a few weeks ago, for the first time in several years, starting to nest... but the sparrows kicked them out and it makes me so mad, those sparrows, they kick out the blue birds, the swallows, but what can one do?
    your neighborhood sounds wonderful.

  3. I love bluebirds. And, yes, the neighborhood is ablaze in glory! We returned home to a yellow-green pollen covered house! I was hoping for a good rain to wash the air clean for just awhile... but the sun is out again. I have a serious case of the pollenhead!

    We'll have to try for coffee again soon! =)

  4. Blue bees? Wow...I would love to see a photo of that! And a yellow rose tree? How beautiful! Enjoy all the beauty that surrounds you my friend... ;)

  5. Hi! I read your article in somerset life...and now I'm here to see your blog live!

    come by and visit with me too sometime!'
    ciao bella

    creative carmelina

  6. I agree with you about keeping time in the background, I think it is a human construct so want to ignore it contemptuously as often as I practically can ... except I can't stand ticking clocks so it has to be digital for me :-)

    I love the photo.

  7. i love this ethereal photo! what a gorgeous home with such a gorgeous tree. so perfect, it almost looks fake.

  8. Just so you'll know, north of town, we have several pairs of bluebirds on our place. I think all the city bluebirds became suburban bluebirds...


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