“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


it does indeed just be that way

it just bees that way sometimes.

2 cell phone images, one you've possibly seen, the other new, or at least new to here. i liked the juxtaposition of the words on my wall with the image of emma's laughing eye against a bluesy painting on the wall outside a downtown club. i haven't been taking any new pictures, except for yesterday's bowl, but i've been playing with older images now that i have all this empty extra time. the ever-wonderful michael purchased a bunch of digital textures for the business, and i've liked messing with them, but really find that i like just using my own stuff for me. kind of a purist in that sense. that may change as i fiddle with stuff, but right now it feels right. it's kind of like shopping for your house. you don't buy everything at one time, you acquire stuff as you go through the years, through your life, and they just work together somehow. that is, if you know what you like, and i do, and i've always found it to be the case that the blanket i bought 20 years ago and forgotten about just happens to be perfect when combined with a new blanket bought last week on sale. same with my images. i know what i like and can get there with my own stuff and be much happier than when using generic stuff. and i am not saying anything bad about generic stuff - i, in, fact, put together a wonderful little image of maggie using a pre-bought texture. i'm just liking this - me + me - at the moment.

a new direction for a bit,
or just now & then,
on my map of the year,
navigating my way beyond maggie's road.
it is rough terrain,
rougher than I'd expected;
colder and the nights are long.

no poetry tonight


  1. that last little bit seemed/read like beautiful and honest poetry to me and now i'm sending a warm hug for the cold nights and some soft socks for your feet for that rough terrain....be easy on yourself.....be easy.....

  2. I honestly don't think you can "not" write poetry... every word of that last bit was just that~ xxVicki

  3. I agree with Vicki, you are poetry. Hugs to you.

  4. poetry, always poetry. every sentence, every syllable.
    I had that "if you understand" quote on my computer's wallpaper for the longest time last year, during a rough patch, and it is a good one.
    you + you = beautiful words.

  5. the two quotes together work ... just like you + you do

  6. Oh, I told you before. I do LOVE this image.

  7. Oh, everything about you is poetry...from the way you write to the way you live and the way you fill your home with things that are just so very you.


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