“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


the buddha say he might be wrong

and so now i stand in a new place.

i hate it, you understand;
i stand here with no words,
with nothing.
i stand here wanting to do nothing but sit down,
lay down,
dream dreams that come true,
but i would have to wake up to see if they do,
and therein lies the problem.
if the dreams are that good, i want to stay sleeping.
there's a zen saying about that,
about that need to wake up,
but i don't remember it,
it's just sending off sparks in my brain;
i remember the feel of it when first i read it,
remember the truth of it,
but here i am on the other side of that truth,
and i am not at all sure
that just because it's a zen saying it is right.


  1. Very beautifully put, Debi.
    I have a dear, dear friend who deals w/ depression & he talks about being in that space often; where sleep is a deep comfort & sweet solace.

    And I love that last line. So true!!

  2. This is powerful...

    For me, the "other side" of truth is a truth that hurts. A truth I can't somehow twist into something advantageous. A truth I don't like to come face-to-face with. With truths like those, I'll take my dreams any day...

    Thank you for baring you soul.

  3. xoxoxoxoxo

    a big hug to you from me..from the other side of that truth.

  4. Well, hmmm, that made me smile because you are so right. I think we all have our own truths, and they do change according to where we are, and who we are at the time. Which is always changing... each experience turns us into someone new, someone with a new truth, someone with a different dream. Stand there a while longer. Something in you will move, or something will move you an inch to the left, a foot to the right, and it will all be different...

  5. It's OK to sleep a little longer. It's natural and healing. When you are ready, you will wake up.

  6. Thoughtful words yet again. Profound stuff.

  7. Love how you've said this. So much to be said about waking out of a dream..and then finding the dream no longer real or true.
    You have such a gift with your words...

  8. and if the dreams are that good, then go back to bed and stay there until the world feels good again....we're women, we're allowed to do this without having any questions asked as to why !

  9. And when we stand in a new place it sometimes takes awhile to regain our equilibrium. Enjoy the new sights and sounds of life and you will grow like a flower and blossom into something quite beautiful.

  10. nothing I write here seems right... i sure miss her , sorry.

  11. take all the time you need.
    i send you love

  12. There is a magnet on my fridge that says
    ~believe nothing,
    no matter where you read it
    or who has said it,
    not even if I have said it,
    unless it agrees with
    your own reason and
    your own common sense.


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