“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Because You Can Never Have Too Many White Flowers

The view from Katie's stairs,
overlooking the creek & sidewalk.

Spring has sprung and flowers have opened their sleepy eyes.
We are surrounded.

There is a house around the corner festooned
with yellow roses
dripping from the roof of the porch,
wisteria is climbing among tree limbs
around telephone poles,
the dogwoods stand in white & pink loveliness,
redbuds are everywhere,
purply punctuations of color.
There are tulips of yellow, orange, white and pink,
the azaleas are blooming at last
the catawba tree is leafing.

The lovely lovely Katie & I are off today
to shop for more flowers ~
white ones ~
for our shady yard,
to oooooh & ahhhhhh at all we see,
to feel the possibilities at our fingertips.
It is without a doubt spring.

Our cats are in the yard,
claiming spots of sunshine,
there is an Easter egg hunt about to begin
across the street.
A mockingbird is on the wall above the creek.
He is singing spring.

We are surrounded.
maggie has gained weight - happiness everywhere


  1. dogwoods and your writing..two favorites...not in that order ;)))

  2. There is a house around the corner festooned with yellow roses...this is why I love your writing. Festooned. Oh, what a wonderful word...and never, ever ever can you have enough white flowers...

  3. White flowers are so exquisite in the moonlight -- they positively glow! Good choice. . .

  4. To all - rain was moving in as I took these images, the darkened morning sky perfect light to make the white pop. Soon to be added - white hydrangeas & bridal wreath & a butterfly maple - all are sitting outside waiting. In the very early evening the sky went all pink and these dogwoods did indeed almost glow.

    And mrs. m - Me too. The word just made me smile :) And festooned it is! I will have to take a picture tomorrow.


  5. I should add as a PS that it is Katie's yard, that I am the renter. But I have been here forever (indeed long before she married my landlord - LOL!) and so I call it our yard, forgetting. I know she pays it no mind, but still, she is only a few months married and lavishing TLC to this old house and yard - it is hers, and she deserves that recognition. I am lucky to have her upstairs, as a neighbor, as a landlady, as a friend.

    Plus she has fabulous taste!! :) White hydrangeas!!!!

  6. I love your description of spring, Debi. I, too, love your use of festooned - what a wonderful word, almost as wonderul as smooches. =)

  7. fabulous. I have never seen a prettier dogwood. it sounds heavenly there.


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