“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Almost Easter

an easter tree in its early stages, yesterday morning, not mine, a neighbor's, this morning laden with bunny lights and baubles and rain in the background, gray skies overhead, and really i like it better with just these few hints of color, it feels lighter.

i am not the easter bunny this year - the first time in 1o years - my niece is 13, mary is gone, my mother doesn't care (although she will get an easter basket, there's a dark chocolate bunny with her name on it waiting in my kitchen), and my friends are understanding, but i feel sad for this year, easter my very favorite holiday, but it is just too overwhelming. i saw the tree above yesterday morning & wished i'd decorated the emma tree for the occasion, and even wished i'd tied ribbons in trees in the yard, long ribbons to fly in the spring wind, but too late, really, really; i will keep the idea for later. this morning the wisteria have blossomed - they are everywhere, dogwood trees also, pink & white against the redbud trees, and a peek of azaleas at last, just barely, but at last, and the white flowers whose name i know not, the ones around the corner, are beginning to rouse their sleepy selves. it is beginning to look like home out there.
a short post - more later


  1. happy easter hugs to you my friend....and maybe someday it will return and takes its place as your favorite holiday....

  2. it sounds like nature has decorated for you a bit...making you feel at home.

  3. what a fun snap of easter tree..i know that feeling so well ..overwhelmed ..underwhelmed...

    i will think of you and imagine your easter ribbons flying in the breeze

  4. may the spirit of easter kiss you and lighten your heart.

  5. I love the tree...Sending you big love.:-)xoxo

  6. Please be MY easter bunny. :) I am not offended by chocolate and a good old fashioned egg hunt would just be the best.



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