“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


The Truth of Things

The truth of things
is that there are weeds above-ankle high,
white flowery beauties,
dancing across the front lawn,
and piles of laundry in the house,
spilling across the foot of the bed,
overflowing baskets,
some to be cleaned, some to be folded,
and unread books stacked in the hallway,

The truth of things
is there's a sink full of dishes,
that's been there for days,
and grocery bags hung on doors
still holding toothpaste and Dramamine,
and somewhere in the stacks of unopened mail
are the auto registration renewal and utility bills,
ignored in favor of catalogs and movies on tv.

The truth of things is that rest is hard to come by,
and sleep is not deep unless it is late morning,
and that the floors need swept and vacuumed
and mopped,
and that strawberries are left uneaten in the refrigerator,
expensive though they were.

The truth of things is that the days are narrow
and I slide through them sideways,
scraping my heart on the edge of things to come,
and the truth of things is that anger now befriends me,
holding my hand as I move to a place of acceptance
and exhaustion,
a valley of a shadow of tears,
until it lets go
and I am on my own.


  1. the truth of things is that I know just what your saying....

  2. sheesh....your words are always so perfect !
    narrow days and sliding sideways and scraping your heart.....wow !

  3. Mmmmm I can really relate to this. The truth is that I have forms to fill out and yet they sit blank while I play with photos or blog *sigh*.

  4. I have been through periods in my life like this, and you just took me back there and now I am holding my breath with the waiting... for you, for remembering my own feelings, for the beauty beneath the surface that always breaks through your words and slaps me, gently, in the face.

  5. you take such ordinary things to such a softer place in your writing ..so many feelings that want to befriend us...hugs from here.elk

  6. Yes. Yes. I know those places~~some I have inhabited for longer than I would have thought I could have (had I thought; thank goodness I didn't).
    And life, always gently swaying, carrying us through...Even when we scrape our hearts.
    Thank you for this piece.

  7. i can relate:) -- you have captured this so beautifully in your poetry:)

  8. You spoke my truth for me at a time when I can't seem to. Thank you.

  9. this is me right now too. practically every word. truthfully
    thank you for honest posts so easy to relate to.

    i have inexpensive blueberries instead of expensive strawberries shriveling in the refrigerator

  10. Oh ,the rotting things in my fridge would rival yours and the dishes are done an average of once a week now..it ain't pretty.

    But you're just fine and so am I. Sometimes things must go to sh*t before they turn around.

    You're so dang beautiful, mopped floors or not.


    p.s. just so you know, my computer has been worth crap lately...barely staying functional long enough to read a post or 2 or write one. but I'm here with you, even if my comments are spotty at best.


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