“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Things Are Blooming ~ CRESCENDOh Opens with Spring

We have pink!

Spring is really coming, she really is.


Today, however,
I will point you not outside,
but inside even further.
Trust me,
you will like it.
You will love it!

A new website.
Jenny Doh's new adventure.
It's like a fabulous store
where you're allowed,
even encouraged,
to look and wander
and sip drinks and nibble cookies
and yes,
there are even things to buy if you want.

As Jenny puts it,
there are stories of inspiration,
totally hot products,
and help for those in need.
Each week there are new guest curators
readers sharing their personal "Art Saves" stories.
Because that's the theme of the whole extravaganza.
Art Saves.
It does, you know.
Well, of course you do.
It's an amazing place,
totally hot!,
and today there is even a link to me.
To Emma Tree.
How cool is that?

So go.
(You won't be able to help yourself.)

UPDATE: LK Ludwig talks about CRESCENDOh here.
A much better explanation.
You'll love her also.
thank you jenny


  1. A link to you. Oh my goodness. Exciting. I totally love crescendo(h).

    Wishing you a totally magical day.

  2. What a great space. Thank-you for the link to this new-found goodness!!

  3. love the pink! I always enjoy a visit to Jennys place.

  4. art does, indeed, save. you, me, those that came before us, and those that are still lurking, just beneath the surface.

  5. Look at you!! All front and center and famous! And me, riding your coat tails to lesser fame, but more than was got yesterday. But you! Horray for YOU! Bless that Jenny for recognizing your supreme cuteness.

    xo, Graciel

  6. the art we choose to surround ourselves with defines who we are...love your blog, your art, your perspective.

  7. Oh, this sounds yummy! I am off to go visit and linger and read..and all of those things...even if it is past my bedtime.

    I should have known better than to come to your blog so late in the eve!


  8. I wonder if she's a woman or a mouse
    one who gives hints or takes action
    with noises about beauty
    she makes not loudly
    but lovely

  9. It's a pleasure to "meet" you. I love bloglandia... if it wasn't for all these wonderful blogs, I wouldn't have the opportunity to get to know wonderful people like you.



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