“Do you know," Peter asked, "why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” ~ J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Picture Me As The Cook

Who my self pitying reminds me of.

I deleted the post where I moaned & whined & complained
& cried & felt sorry for myself. Pitied myself.
It was not who I want to be,
even if it is who I am today.
i want to grow


  1. silly...
    no need to delete what you were feeling...we are all here for the good, bad and even the runny noses !

  2. Been there, done that. Its ok. We all have our times. I know I do~ xxxVicki

  3. I'm of the firm belief that we must whine and cry and complain (my girlfriends used to talk about being whined and dined by moi).

    Just let it out. Get it out! The key is not to linger there. Move on, lighter.

  4. as a graphic artist i have learned the value of negative space...
    you have to allow yourself the full range, how else can we gauge what is good, what is bad, what is beautiful, what is sad?

  5. Beth - Bad juju to leave it up, LOL! But thank you!

    Vickie - One of those days. :)

    Deborah - Yes. Thus the removal. It felt like lingering.

    mrs m - oh, I allow the full range - LOL! just ask my boyfriend! Just couldn't leave that old post up. Too much self pity.


  6. yes, we all have those days. i can relate. thankfully the next day is usually a better one. :)

  7. Yeah. Sometimes deleting is the best option. But I think that most people can relate too. Take care.

  8. did I comment on it? I remember reading it..sometimes I change the words on mine...later ..

    you are a very special lady just sayin!!

  9. "No, she's a Philistine..." LOL. I came here to read that post and wondered why I couldn't find it. But nevertheless, I'm sure that even a mood you weren't enjoying, it was a beautiful piece of writing and very very true.

  10. there are many times I post and then later think to myself, "ugh that was all wrong" and get up out of bed to try to change it - try to put a more positive spin on it or something - and then I'm up for an hour more trying to make it work. better to have let it out and then delete.

  11. It's always a bummer when I know there was an act of delete on your blog.

    But, this was a super cute clip and I'm glad you posted it..."she's a criminal..." So funny. I think I would like to watch the whole thing. :)


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